Development News #135 — Winter Festival Celebrations and Important News

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Development News #135 — Winter Festival Celebrations and Important News

Post by Arrakis » 21 Dec 2018, 18:00


With Yule and winter solstice arriving, we are excited to announce the Winter Festival on Abella!
We have a number of gifts and activities in store that will put a smile on even the most feudal face; festive trees, decorations, free gifts and fun events await!

What's a holiday or a festival without a gift?
We have prepared something really fun for each one of you: simply use code WINTERFEST to get your hands on a pair of nice and warm mittens, as well as one of six fabulous festive hats to show off your holiday spirit! To redeem the code, open the Premium Shop, click the ‘Redeem’ tab and enter WINTERFEST as the code. Click ‘Redeem’, and the gift will be added to your inventory!


Please note that the code is valid until 31.01.2019, and that only one code per account can be activated.

And that’s not all - during the Winter Festival, you may now create your very own small decorative festive tree with this recipe - write it down, and don’t forget to craft one to brighten up your home.

During the festival, you may also notice more snow falling around (you might want to throw some snowballs at your enemies) as well as the White Standers appearing. Oh, and the bark boxes got a merry makeover, too!


If you want to take your festive spirit to a whole new level, check the special tab in the Premium Shop where you can find a magnificent festive tree premium decoration as well as six festive hat skins. Also, this year all the festive clothing will not disappear with the melted snow when the festival is over - they will stay with you, so if you feel so inclined to spread some joy all year round, say, with a red hat in the summer, it’s totally up to you - and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

There are a couple of special events coming to Abella during the festival: the weather forecast predicts two massive snow falls - on December 24th until December 26th, and another one on December 30th until January 2nd. Keep that in mind, farmers.

And of course we are happy to announce the Winter Festival events that will take place on on Sunday, December 23rd at 7pm ET in the central city on Server 25 on Telmun, and on Epleland on December 26th also in central city on server 25.

We have also received a number of requests to consider turning off JH and IB prime time during the holidays so that you can take some time off and spend time with your close ones. We have opened a poll concerning this matter, so please don’t forget to vote for the preferred option. The poll will last until December 23.

Today we have released a quick fix that is resolving some of the combat patch issues as well as other small things, you can read the full patch notes [url]here[/url].

And now, to another special gift rewarding those who have reached this part of the blog! We are excited to unveil the key features of the upcoming LiF:MMO 0.2.0 Update, coming later this winter

Have a great weekend, and happy holidays from the team!

— The team

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Re: Development News #135 — Winter Festival Celebrations and Important News

Post by S3IN » 21 Dec 2018, 18:30

You could make a gift, and remove the protection of town in epleland. :D

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