Development News #138 — Natives, Rare Resources, and Countermeasures

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Development News #138 — Natives, Rare Resources, and Countermeasures

Post by Arrakis » 11 Jan 2019, 17:01


Hey, Feudalists!

This morning we have uploaded a small yet very needed patch. It contains a bunch of tweaks and fixes here and there, however, the main thing it tackles is the recently discovered client-side cheat mod hack. We have put our best talent on the effort to add new anti-cheat countermeasures to the game and we were able to include it in this week’s patch. You can find out about the full content of the patch in the patch notes, in case you missed them.

And now we are happy to reveal two more features that are coming in the 0.2.0 update.
Today we will share more info on new kinds of resources that will be in Life is Feudal 0.2.0 and might be a little tricky to find (and that’s not all that makes them special) - the Rare Resources. Find out more about them and their properties by looking at our dedicated 0.2.0 update page.

The second feature we want to tell you more about today are the long-awaited Natives. Who are they? Where have they come from and why are they here? All this you will unravel when you meet them, and in the meantime to shed a little light on what you might expect from them.
And that’s not all! We have also found a page from what we believe was some explorer's travel journal:

To Supreme Sidlung, Vallum Uttolu, from His Eye, Cleric Waktardagg, I present my report.

Day five. May the gods of High Sidlung Vallum Uttol keep us and our mission safe. We have found one of the damned places. The Idols there were chopped and burned. Pathetic geeks were found and destroyed. The place is consecrated. Three brothers were slightly injured.

Losses: two oxen, eight spears, up to seven dozens of arrows, and four elle-novices.
Brother Adjanlas has lost his sword in battle and left us to perform the Unity Ritual.
Do not wake Swiefni! May the night not come!

Irreplaceable losses: brother Ajanlas.

It was a bloody hell! Bloody feast in the palaces of insane Glum!
They attacked us suddenly and from all sides at once, as if the darkness of the night has suddenly come to life and flooded our camp.

The enemy attacked without making a sound, and only the crunch of dissected flesh and broken bones stood under the canopy of the forest. If we were a detachment of settlers, or even the armored infantry of the Gotlung ... Yes, even if we were northerners’ shield bearers, we would have been cut out in the blink of an eye!

But the Waktardagus brothers are not settlers.

The Keepers of the Day cannot be taken by surprise unless you are a god. And the attackers were not gods, of which the sword of our commander Brother Wepnadur was the first to testify, cutting as huge as a bear, disfavoring to his very bottom.
If it hadn’t been for this hit, I would have thought that we were fighting the creatures of the dreams of Svefni.

They can be defeated, now we know that for sure. The only question is how terrible the price will be, and whether there are enough people for us to complete our mission.

Travel diary page,
found in bear’s litter in Rivenspin

Tordn og aldingr!

Have a great weekend,
— The team

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