Development News #185 — Illa-Newydd fixes

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Development News #185 — Illa-Newydd fixes

Post by Arrakis » 24 Jan 2020, 18:13


Hello, Feudalists!
This week we bear news of upcoming fixes that we’re currently working on.
One of the issues that we are working on fixing is the notorious problem with the collapsed mines and objects on newbie islands which make it very difficult to complete a tutorial quest in that area. While on the topic of the starting area, it’s worth the mention that we are planning on wiping the newbie islands soon. Exact date will be announced on our Discord channel next week.
As for the Godenland, we are in the process of making some improvements for the ownership transfer of an outpost that was captured during Holy Judgement..
There's also an ongoing investigation of the instability issues on server 72. We're doing what we can to see that problem resolved as soon as possible.

Now for the community spot!
There's an upcoming, player hosted tournament - UFC Life is Feudal. You can find more details and rules of this event in this doc, and if you are interested in registering for the tournament, you can do it here.
Do not forget about upcoming Heritage Hunt event that we mentioned in our previous dev blog that will take place this Sunday.

Have a great and fun weekend everyone!

— The Team

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