[EU] "JORVIK" Viking Wars | 5 Ages | Tower Wars | Professions | Cataclysms | PvP | LiveMap | Marketplace | Season 2 - 23.01.2020

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[EU] "JORVIK" Viking Wars | 5 Ages | Tower Wars | Professions | Cataclysms | PvP | LiveMap | Marketplace | Season 2 - 23.01.2020

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The place where the rulers rise and fall...

This is a uniquely built PvP world inspired by an early medieval Viking era - if you are a fan of Scandinavian mythology and medieval Britannia this is the place for you and your clanmates!

Our EU-based server is lightly focused on RP aspect with the main PvP narrative.
Server started afresh with Season 2 on the 23rd of January 2020.


  • Fierce politics and the struggle of clans for a throne ascension!
    Map is populated with Viking-era capital cities and kingdoms with defined borders, ready to be taken by YOU and ruled over! There are nine kingdoms and eight of them can be taken by clans. Rule the kingdom and decide about laws, taxes and who can have access to your resources!

  • Handcrafted LiveMap with beautiful graphics
    Be fully immersed in this Viking-era medieval world!
    Check this out: https://livemap.feudal.tools/id/3574

  • Five Optional Meta Professions
    You can choose between Peasant, Merchant, Criminal, Charlatan and Guardian. Receive special quests and assignments associated with the chosen profession and get gold coins or other valuable items. More info: https://jorvik.pl/en/professions

  • Three Ages with technology unlocks
    There are three ages which are being progressively unlocked over time. Each age gives more available skills to all players - you can also help in speeding up the progress of the age by participating in our community goals! More info: https://jorvik.pl/en/ages

  • Word-wide Cataclysms
    Experience temporary weather breakdowns (e.g. rain for 7 days) or buildings/trees in a randomly selected area being destroyed.

  • Marketplace in the neutral city of Kattegat
    Trade with gold or other materials in an auction-style market.

  • Unique Judgement Hours approach
    JH in the first stage will be inactive, but later we will introduce two types of them: Planned JH (2 times per week) and Random JH - where they can be triggered unexpectedly (only during peak hours).

  • Special Events
    Knight Tournaments, Medieval Festivals and much more!

  • High Performance Server
    We are hosting the game on a fully dedicated server in a data centre (OVH) in Europe with a 1Gbps connection - we can support truly massive and lag-free PvP battles!

  • Quicker terraforming - currently set to x10


  • Player Slots: 64
  • Skills and Stats progression multiplier: 3.0
  • Crafting Skillcap: 1060
  • Combat Skillcap: 660
  • Minor Skillcap: 660
  • Terraforming Speed Multiplier: 10.0
  • Crafting Period: 45 sec.
  • Animal Breeding/Feeding Period: 90 minutes
  • Day Cycle: 3h
  • Wild Animals Amount: 100
  • Object Decay Rate: 1.0
  • Judgement Hour: Friday/Sunday for 1 hour
  • Daily automatic server restart: 4:00 am CET


In the direct connection field (in game) enter the following IP number:

Alternatively, search on the list of servers for JORVIK


Website: https://jorvik.pl/en
Server Map: https://livemap.feudal.tools/id/3574
Discord: https://discord.gg/azsjKeK

We hope to see you soon on our server!
Admins of JORVIK - Viking Wars

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Re: [EU] "JORVIK" Viking Wars | 5 Ages | Tower Wars | Professions | Cataclysms | PvP | LiveMap | Marketplace | Season 2 - 23.01.2020

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Join us for SEASON 2 on the JORVIK VIKING WARS server!

Season started on 23 January 2020 at 20:00 CET time!

Find out more on our website: https://jorvik.pl/en
Alternatively, check out our Discord: https://discord.gg/ErF94vU

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