GAIA - New 11/19 - PvP - Economy - Custom Map

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GAIA - New 11/19 - PvP - Economy - Custom Map

Post by Alexjgibson » 20 Nov 2018, 18:06


Our server is a brand new PvP world on the Grimrock III custom map. All players can enjoy a starter kit, a lag-free server, 7-days a week judgement hours, and admins who are friendly and very much against admin abuse of any kind.

We are excited to host our first server, and hope that some of you will take the time to join us! Remember this is a brand new server so expect lower pop for some time until it picks up speed. But we promise this server will not be taken down!

Server Information

Φ Hosted in North America
Φ 64 Player Slots - Can upgrade to 100 if needed.
Φ Grimrock III Custom Map
Φ Never wipes and No Lag
Φ Judgement Hour: 7-days a week, evenings.
Φ Skill/Stat Progression: 30
Φ Skill Cap: 3000
Φ Terraforming Speed: 4
Φ Crafting Period: 60
Φ Animal Breeding: 90
Φ Day Length: 3
Φ Wild Animals: 100

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