HeavenShallBurn PVE - custom map -active GMs

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HeavenShallBurn PVE - custom map -active GMs

Post by Dpfvanloon » 26 Apr 2019, 10:27

Regular server events, Jousts, riddles, gem-hunts
Custom map - rivers with extra land-mass
Active moderators that dont involve in politics
Incredibly stable connection

Mostly DK / NL players, but all english speaking players are welcome

Skill multiplier 20
skillcap 3000
daylength 5 hours

Update blog: https://dpfvanloon.wixsite.com/lifyo
Livemap: https://livemap.feudal.tools/id/2532
TS ts.heavenshallburn.dk
Discord https://discord.gg/3S3N38W

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