PathfinderUpdate CTD

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PathfinderUpdate CTD

Post by Arkaysk » 03 Feb 2018, 08:27

Helo. in many new villages after time, always shows this error in LOG:

2018-Feb-02 09:07:07 Unknown exception g_jobPathfinderUpdate(getPathfindingA update) [ForestVillage.cpp | 1624]
2018-Feb-02 09:07:07 STOP [ForestVillage.cpp | 1624]
2018-Feb-02 09:07:07 Unknown exception task[PathfinderUpdate start-time:22666516732128] [TaskManager.cpp | 53]
2018-Feb-02 09:07:07 STOP [TaskManager.cpp | 53]

I play with and without mods. Crash to desktop soon or later is warranted. My LiF:FV is bought on steam,has last update, checked integrity...i search on any solution?
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Re: PathfinderUpdate CTD

Post by Rey123 » 21 Nov 2023, 00:15

It seems to be crashing a lot in 2018. I am still looking into what happened, why it eventually died. From what I understand, the players left before the developers did.

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