Please add AI NPCs

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Please add AI NPCs

Post by Anvel » 19 Sep 2018, 22:42

I wonder if it's fully realized or even realized at all the one single feature YO is missing that would totally open this game up and would completely resurface interest from tons players, AI and NPC's.

I haven't fired YO up in a few years and after quitting the MMO and never daring to look back to that grindfest I figured that was I would never be seeing LiF again. However after imagining YO with NPC's akin to 7 Days to Die or Conan Exiles with hordes that attack you and settlements for you to attack YO could be absolutely AMAZING.

Honestly I don't think there is even a slight chance the game can handle it for the MMO... but it should be perfectly doable for YO. I know we heard talk of it before but never saw anything come from it.

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Re: Please add AI NPCs

Post by Exo420 » 23 Oct 2018, 19:18

Any news on this

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Re: Please add AI NPCs

Post by Leaf » 17 Jan 2019, 07:05

There are NPCs in the database you can spawn as a GM (MMO questgivers), and years back Custodian made a Basilmod that let servers add NPCs - which no longer is working.

That's about it. So it's doable by players and devs, but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it.

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