Blacksmith bugged by Keep

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Blacksmith bugged by Keep

Post by George23a » 17 Sep 2017, 10:19

Immediately after the update that implements the tech tree into the Keep, I tried to see what the keep is capable of.
After "Tools production II" the time of the blacksmith is "-1.1 min" and doesn't produce any tools whatsoever. Other buildings like kiln or sawmill show positive values (1.4 and 1 respectively).
This is obviously a bug.

I don't know what other info to give beside the usecase to reproduce.

PS: does the distance between the 2 building counts? If so, the blacksmith is right next to the Keep entrance, 1 space away.

Also... most of my people died of starvation after lvl 2 or 3 for techs.
A tooltip on how exactly the extra productivity (they seem to work themselves to death, not eating especially) is obtained might help avoid disasters like mine.

Good luck on bug hunting.

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