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Post by Lifwarrior » 11 Nov 2017, 23:07

Hey guys since the horse cart update, pile logs, chests or any movable objects just sucks...
there is allways a gap and you just get the error you can´t place this here... get nice and neat wood piles or chest piles is no more possible...
even when the space is flat and empty the furniture says its blocked
could you PLEASE rework those physics? i would really apreciate this

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Re: Physics

Post by Miarrobino » 25 Nov 2017, 07:58

They must have increased the hit box on containers and logs, since they always seem to be a little too low in the z-axis when you first drop to place. they probably did that to fix a problem with containers glitching when too close or overlapping something else (or perhaps to even prevent people from 'hiding' a container in something else).

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