the game cost me twice the price .

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the game cost me twice the price .

Post by Csdessinateur » 17 Nov 2017, 22:18

hello close 2 years ago i buyed life is feudal your own. only one reason why i have this game .. it was to try it during i was waiting for the mmo version.. it cost me over 50$ canadian.. reading all the post i was sure that was including life is feudal mmo for futur .. on life is feudal your own i played maybe 10 hours. there was no liberty about pvp, and so small map.. admin was making rules for pvp.. , there was complicated pvp with many rules.. so i never played mutch.. now mmo, the real thing is ready and i learn that i need to pay again.. so me and my friend put that to the trash can. bye bye life is feudal. the life is feudal mmo at end will cost me over 150$ if i continue on mmo. that no sens. sorry for my limited english i did my best ot tell you how disgusting the situation is.. and many many think the same.

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Re: the game cost me twice the price .

Post by Digdug » 17 Nov 2017, 22:41

in ten and a half hours youll be able to download the MMO free of charge. Youll have 1 ticket to get one character to the mainland of the mmo. Youll find this ticket in the online shops personal inventory.

If you take your character to the mainland and delete him and make a new character youll have to buy another ticket for roughly $10 USD.

Devs please give me alpha access.....

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Re: the game cost me twice the price .

Post by Bandido » 20 Nov 2017, 20:55

Their business model is backwards than other game companies. This model benefits waiting to pay. The early supporters have been shafted. Even the new packs are better than the alpha packs which were better than buying your own. LiveLearn

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