Give us TRADER please!

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Give us TRADER please!

Post by Celciur » 21 Apr 2017, 21:03

Dear Devs,

i like this game really, but i missing traders.
My store are overcrowded with furs and i don't know what to do with the surplus.
At some point iron, stone, and clay will be empty. Then, it would be nice if you could exchange the one dealer against another or excess goods.

Greeting - Cel

My english knowledge isn't the best, but i hope you understand what i mean.

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Re: Give us TRADER please!

Post by Sanshi44 » 02 Jan 2018, 08:56

there is a market (im guessing it a place you can sell/trade goods for others ive just never gotten the chance to build one because at the stage where i build cities (which would be when i build a market) I remade the game cause at that stage it gets to hard managing that amount of people wit current donley mechanics :(

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