Join The Vikings Of Valenstrad RP PvP/PvE Group YO

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Join The Vikings Of Valenstrad RP PvP/PvE Group YO

Post by Atomic-jesus » 07 Apr 2018, 16:23

Hail I am Torston EyVaskr Merkismathr, Brother, military commander, and advisor to my Koungr Thirsk EyVaskr. We are currently looking for individuals to join us in the great kingdom of Valenstrad. We are looking for both PvP and PvE people. New and old players are welcome.

Let me give you a little information about ourselves. We are a LiF group which has been around off and on for 3 years. We have roughly 10, 0000+ hours between us. We are currently sitting at six members. We have experienced and skilled players in both PvP and building. We're a Viking Roleplaying group (very original I know) we are a chill group usually chatting, sharing videos and memes in our discord chat. However we are very serious when it comes to RP. Our military has always been a fearsome force on all the servers we've ever played. This is due to our Ranking structure, and time dedicated to running drills and planning strategies. In our three years we have only ever lost 2 battles. PvP isn’t you thing that’s fine we don’t force members to Join the Army we always need good builders and skilled workers new and old.

We have just started playing again after a period of inactivity, and are looking for players for all fields. However our preferred players would be anyone interested in PvP. anyone interested in blacksmithing. Anyone interested in base building, hunting, or herbalism. That being said we do not want to discourage people from joining even if they don’t want to do one of the skills listed above. We accept any, and all players who wish to build a strong community.

You can find me on steam if your interested or reply to this Topic.

Steam name is Torston_Snow

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Re: Join The Vikings Of Valenstrad RP PvP/PvE Group YO

Post by XXswiftsteelXX » 13 May 2018, 08:50

Hi there ; relatively experienced player..both PVE( Blacksmith) and pvp ( infantry + crossbow man) whihc server do you play and how I can contact you?

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