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LiF:MMO OBT (version

Post by Arrakis » 15 Nov 2018, 12:33

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Multiple loot totems now spawn at the end of an IB - this is done to reduce crowding around one totem and resolve issues and lag that some players encountered while opening a totem with a huge amount of items inside
  • Changed Indication emote animation
  • Added some new altar visuals
  • You can now pray and sacrifice via the new Altar of Svefnii
  • Added decorative road signs
  • Added new hatchet skins
  • Added additional log strings while entering the IB, info with the side of the IB and leaving the IB. It is done for easier parsing for logs parsing sites/tools
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Multiple Server side code fixes and optimizations
  • Fixed inability to sacrifice items on colored altars
  • Fixed different coordinate shifts for different states of Horse Carts

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