Premium decorations in YO

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Premium decorations in YO

Post by Anya » 28 Nov 2018, 03:37

Is there any way to access the premium decorations in LiF: YO ?

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Re: Premium decorations in YO

Post by Leaf » 17 Jan 2019, 07:16


The full list of items is located at C:\steam\steamapps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own\data in the object_types.xml file, find the item ID and spawn it in GM mode.

Or just GM spawn the decorator kits. Control ~ to get into the console, /gm (password) to get into GM mode, and use /additem 1634 or whichever to spawn it in your inventory. To just spawn the building itself use /addobj (id number) but you will have much finer control over placement by actually building it. Or at least start building it and use /complete to finish it while it is targeted.

1634 Novice Decorator Kit
1635 Apprentice Decorator Kit
1636 Master Decorator Kit

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