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LiF:MMO OBT (version

Post by Arrakis » 01 Mar 2019, 10:33

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Properly implemented the abilities that can be used by enemies while raiding fiefs with JH active: ... 1131898481
  • Added spawn and despawn animations for natives
  • Fixed a bug where natives could not hit players that were sitting or surrendering
  • Animals should be easier to find with the tracking ability now
  • Made Trade Posts more easily available in the early stages of the game by changing the recipe for them - Gate module changed to the Door module
  • Tweaked speed multipliers for moving objects: carts - 0.95, plough - 0.7, carrying on back - 0.85
  • Changed skill requirements for the following Tailoring recipes:
      * Linen Cloth: 30 -> 0
      * Tabard: 30 -> 0
      * Leather strips: 0 -> 30
      * Banner: 30 -> 0
  • Changed Weaponsmithing recipes:
      * Bec de Corbin: Toughened Bars 1 -> 2
      * Pollaxe: Case-hardened Bars 1 -> 3
      * Bardiche: Case-hardened Bars 1 -> 3
      * Partisan: Toughened Bars 1 -> 3
      * Battle Axe: Case-hardened Bars 3 -> 2
      * War Axe: Common Bars 3 -> 2
      * Lance: Toughened Bars 1 -> 2
  • Removed movable snowball recipes to prevent their usage during sieges/JH
  • Changed regional building logs to regional boards in all outpost building recipes that contained logs
  • Soft wool icon is fixed
  • Decorated clothing: silk removed from the recipe, wool cloth x3 -> x6
  • Decreased the price of Gold Ore and Silver Ore for the guild rating calculations. That means that guilds that had hoarded a lot of precious ore will still not be considered as a super advanced high-rank guild.
  • Removed “auto repeat” icon for the Flatten abilities
  • Added possibility to smelt new type of bars from ingots and ingots from bars (Case-hardened and Toughened)
  • Fixed Armorsmithing 60 description
  • Added new angle wall with the gallery section
  • Changed the visual look of: Heavy Crossbow, GrossMesser, Maul
  • Knool's (natives) weapon names changed according to the lore. They should be less effective in the PvP now too.
  • Church renamed to “Sanctum of the Sleeper”
  • Changed the way many incomplete buildings look
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Fixed an issue where some characters could not level up 2 skills simultaneously even when they had a premium subscription active
  • Fixed multiple connection issues
  • Fixed a bug where the quality of a crafted item was incorrectly capped due to the new metals in its recipe
  • Old legacy Trade Posts on Epleland should not longer be destroyed when building an outpost on those fiefs
  • Fixed mining bug where some rare drops (gems) were not appearing correctly
  • Fixed JH now/JH soon icons to be properly displayed on all fiefs on the map
  • Primetime changing should not glitch now if the guild that made it has changed its leader
  • Fixed a ranking calculation issue where some guilds would get incorrect rank if they are near the servers borders
  • Fixed an exploit that in some cases could result in damage to the private claims that are not far from the protectorate borders
  • Fixed a server crash related to the usage of a weapon when its skill was downgraded by an offline skills leveling system
  • Fixed incorrect luck attribute values on some of the characters that were transferred from Epleland to Godenland
  • Fixed an issue where premium boosters would disappear after crossing server borders
  • Random bug where the player would suddenly start hearing sounds as if he is submerged under the water is fixed now
  • Multiple system processes and internal system optimizations

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