Development News #168 — Breeders’ Update is on the way!

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Development News #168 — Breeders’ Update is on the way!

Post by Arrakis » 16 Aug 2019, 17:01


Hello Feudalists!
This week we kept making numerous tweaks and fixes based on ideas that we have gathered on AMA session recently. Currently, we are working on recently discovered and quite annoying problem with inability to fill stables to the maximum, which makes our breeders' work a bit harder. The root of this problem is quite complex, which is why we are taking some additional days before releasing the next update. You may expect it at the beginning of the next week. It will be kind of “Cattleman Update”, as it will also include new, more convenient, graphical interface for our domestic animal breeders. Also, this update will include much-awaited fix for the issue with inability to select objects in certain areas of outposts.

At the same time, our team is working on a series of other important improvements and bugfixes. As our current priority, we are solving a very important issue in the area of guild diplomacy - a sudden zeroing of guild standings to the neutral status. Our second focus is to decrease gameplay routine for our players: we are developing acceleration of horse training and working on general game design tweaks that will make game less grindy.

And now it’s time for a community spot!
We have good news for all of those who follow the development of the plot of a fascinating LiF lore based story written by Malton, the guild leader of Bad Idea. Continuation has been already published! This time we will plunge into an amazing story about hunter’s life. You can find Malton’s blog with his novel project “Life anew” [RU] under this link, and here we are publishing some (translated) thrilling fragments.

    … — Well, guys, follow me! We are going hunting today, you have an hour to prepare yourselves. Take more supplies, because we are leaving for three days.

    Preparations took almost two hours, I had to personally check and double-check everything for my trainees. At long last, we left the castle gates riding our horses. The sun was already going down. A light breeze came and brought the long-awaited cool. I took a deep breath and shook my head. Freedom, finally. I don’t like to be inside the castle walls, pressing with their stony silence. I feel much more comfortable and happier in the endless Abella forests.

    — Going one after another. And don't forget to twist your head. The hunter must see everything around him, feel the movement of air, hear the slopes of the grass. We must track down a lot of fowls, but also shouldn’t forget about the enemies, here is not an uninhabited land …
Also, last week near one of the villages of Godenland there was a noisy rural fair, which, according to old-timers, was visited by the mysterious Caravan Master. It was fun! Music sounded, warriors proved their courage in competitions, rivers of beer flowed! Crown is thankful for all fair participants who took part in the contests and brave guards who helped to deliver priceless cargo of beer, unharmed, to the event! We want to share the best shot from the event with you.

rimg30 rimg30

You can check the event’s album here.
If, after our story, you have come up with a brilliant idea for the event of your own, we will be very happy to help bring it to life! Just contact Catherine #3714, and tell us about the details!

We wish you a great Feudal weekend!

— The Team

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Re: Development News #168 — Breeders’ Update is on the way!

Post by SirBoysrd » 16 Aug 2019, 20:19

Замените рутину на усложнение и развитие кафта, а не на тупое упрощение. Игра жива только за счет ПвЕшников и теряет людей в основном из-за пвп. Добавьте профессий и сделайте единовременный совместный крафт двух разных или одинаковых профессий. Добавьте смысла алхимикам дав им возможность создавать краски для покраски брони и строений.

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