Does Basil Mod still work?

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Does Basil Mod still work?

Post by Helstur72 » 25 Jan 2020, 19:27

Hi, I've tried installing Basil Mod onto my server and to no avail. Is the mod still supported? Does it still work and I'm doing something wrong?
Any constructive answers will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Does Basil Mod still work?

Post by Shortybsd » 02 Jun 2020, 08:04

Most of them do not work due to last api change 2 years ago.
Basilmod MOTD half works, the BasilMod::motd_registerWelcome is totally broken; never sends the message. BasilMod::motd_registerPeriodic works for timed messages. I had to use another mod for MOTD.

Best bet is to rewrite the scripts/mods. I am fixing Basil's motd.

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