LiFYO: World creation question, thank you

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LiFYO: World creation question, thank you

Post by Faiseltracy392 » 03 Apr 2020, 13:31

Playing a private world to build up and get use to the game before i go into an open world ..i think this is the best option? I looked at a few videos and all are old and outdated and the interface has changed and I can find no clear answer for MINOR option (below the crafting and combat which I have both set at 3000 for very fast learning lol)

So what does minor mean and how does it relate to the game and what should I set it at? thank you so much for your time :)

I did play LiF:FV and got the 2,000 population achievement and most of the others to but this is pretty much completely different then that game.

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