Moding Outfits

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Moding Outfits

Post by Giriro27 » 01 Feb 2019, 10:30

Hello, I tried to edit and add some Effects to the given outfit's like the "armorsmith rasing" effect (that is already in the game database) to the Blacksmith's Outfit. But without any luck till now. Maybe someone can find my mistake.

I edited on the Server Side:

In the dump.sql I added at the "Dumping data for table 'effects' a line like this at the end: (41,'Skill Raised: Armorsmithing',NULL,NULL,27); (41 = ID in effects table, 27 = ID of "Skill Raised: Armorsmithing" in cm_effects.xml)

In the I added:

<item id="303"> <!-- Blacksmith's Outfit -->
<effect id="21">1 20</effect> (Forging raising effect!)
<effect id="41">1 20</effect> ( added Armorsmithing effect)

I tried to add some of the other effects like the Cook's Raising Effect on the Blacksmith Outfit and it worked. But what ever I tried I can't make the other effects work.

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Re: Moding Outfits

Post by Twhoward1984 » 19 Jul 2021, 20:26

I have also toyed with this to find in fact the effects id's don't match the effect.. if you look at the blacksmithing outfit it's

<item id="303"> <!-- Blacksmith's Outfit -->
<effect id="21">1 20</effect>

yet in the effects xml shows

<effect id="21" name="Harder">

<effect id="26" name="Skill Raised: Forging"> that kind of throws me off just my findings... :) :%) :bad: :bad:
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