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Forum Rules

Post by Arrakis » 27 Oct 2014, 19:06

Dear users,
  Before you start using the forum, you should familiarize yourself with its rules below. These rules are designed to work effectively with the forum and optimize the search for the necessary information, as well as to maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere among users.

Forum Rules

1. It is forbidden to discuss any illegal activity, or threats of violence (for example, threats of suicide, self-harm, causing physical harm to someone).
2. It is forbidden to use obscene, racist, obscene, and vulgar language, as well as images, texts, and other materials containing Nazi symbols or propaganda.
3. It is forbidden to publish messages containing aggressive attacks in someone's direction and insults, as well as for the purpose of slander and inciting hatred. Any point of view is worthy of respect. Flame is prohibited.
4. Advertisements, links to advertisements, or "Spam" are prohibited and may be punished with a ban.
    • Advertisement or spam is a link in a message for the purpose of offering, promoting, or selling a product.
    • Links to fundraising resources, advocacy, etc. are prohibited.
    • Links to personal sites/blogs are allowed in the profile and signature.
    • Links to useful sites and resources containing up-to-date information are allowed, provided they are not used to promote anything.
    • Links and posts promoting other games are prohibited and are a bannable offense.
5. It is forbidden to publish any material protected by copyright, large articles, or posts primarily on political or religious topics (for example, calling for conversion to any faith).
6. Never leave your personal information (for example, home address, telephone numbers, etc.) in a published message. It is forbidden to request this data from other users.
7. It is forbidden to use the forum to promote your own products or paid services.
8. Public insults against users are prohibited. It is forbidden to create topics with a discussion of private servers, their administration, and the activities of players on them. This policy applies to both the official Life is Feudal forums and our official Steam groups and other resources that we own. Discussions of guild activities outside the context of private servers are allowed, subject to forum rules, in special sections of the Guilds Discussion and politics (English) forum. For such discussions in the section Discussions in Russian, there is a section of the Community. (forum-f40/)
9. It is forbidden to publicly challenge the actions of the moderator, incl. disciplinary punishments. Punishable with a warning, and then a ban. If you disagree with the actions of the moderator, any challenge is possible only in the format of personal correspondence with this moderator.
10. Posting exploits on a public forum is prohibited. Punishable with a warning, and then a ban. To publish a found exploit/bug, you need to use Zendesk
11. It is forbidden to create topics with a discussion of disciplinary punishments. Punishable with a warning or a ban.
12. It is forbidden to advertise the server on the topic of another server (also known as thread hijacking). Punishable with a warning or a ban.
13. It is forbidden to advertise other games, resources and other materials that are not directly related to Life is Feudal in all sections of the forum, except for Off Topic. Punishable with a warning or a ban.

Forum User Guide

1. Check open topics. Before creating a new topic, check if there is already an open topic for your question.
2. Do not get into or start public quarrels. Strive to solve problems peacefully. Remember: all people have the right to express their opinions, ideas, thoughts, suggest something, etc. Respect this right!
3. Report any violations of forum rules. You can notify the administration about the violation by clicking on the button with a red exclamation mark in the upper right corner of the message in which you noticed the violation.
4. Lend a helping hand. If another user needs help or needs to explain something, feel free to help the person if you know how to help.
5. Don't be afraid to ask. If you cannot find any information or an answer to a question that torments you, then do not hesitate to ask about it. However, do not forget to first make sure that there is no open topic on your question.
6. Welcome new members of the community with cordiality and hospitality! Help newbies learn the basics of where to find the information they need, how to save time searching, and what it takes to get involved in the community. We are for a large, strong and friendly community.
7. Topic titles should be as descriptive as possible. Avoid "generic" language such as "Need help" or "I have a question." The more informative the title of the post, the greater the chance that the right people will respond to your topic.
8. Show respect for moderators and administration both on the forum and during correspondence in private messages.
9. Stick to the topic of discussion. Messages, the content of which is not related to the topic of discussion, may be deleted.
10. The content of posts should be targeted at users of all ages. If it seems that "young" users should not see any message, then this message does not belong on the forum.
11. Moderators and other responsible persons have the sole right, at their discretion, to determine the purpose of the message / topic and their compliance with the rules of the forum. If, from the point of view of these individuals, any of the topics or any message is unconstructive or inciting hatred, these individuals have the right to take appropriate disciplinary action.

Naming and Shaming

  Naming and Shaming is not allowed. Users are not allowed to post threads or discuss issues dealing with players, guilds, or any other type of group. These issues will be dealt with privately outside of any official Life is Feudal forums or any other social media platform we host. Users violating this rule regarding this forum will receive a warning and/or a possible ban if warranted for violations regarding this rule.

Forum language

  The official language used for communication on the Life is Feudal forums is English. Users in topics and messages should use this particular language, as it is the most universal among community users. (Note: for communication in other languages, there are special sections "Discussion in *language*", in the title of which the language is indicated, only in which communication is allowed in this particular section).


  Life is Feudal's official community forums are moderated by handpicked individuals who have extensive knowledge of the game, so sometimes it's easiest to contact them directly with questions about the game. For reference, on the forum Moderators have a Green Nickname and Administrators have a Red Nickname.

  Moderators and Administrators have the exclusive right to edit and delete any messages/topics on the forum without warning if their content violates the rules of the forum indicated above. If you have a question about any such action, you can at any time contact them by personal mail for discussion in the format of personal correspondence. Remember that people may see things differently, but dialogue can always resolve any differences.

End User License Agreement

  Users who ignore or violate the provisions of the Life is Feudal: Your Own End User License Agreement may be prevented from using Life is Feudal's official information resources and forums, and may also face account suspension.

Final Notes

  If the user does not follow the rules of the forum, his topics and messages may be edited or deleted, and the account will be permanently banned or deleted without explanation.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time. Please stay tuned for any such changes.

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