Homage to the Proven.

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Homage to the Proven.

Post by Trenial » 02 Jul 2016, 11:36

I have played many a city simulation in my lifetime, and I want to suggest/hope that you guys will implement design philosophies that pay homage to Sierra Studios/Impressions Games.

Those city sim games are by far some of the best, funnest, and value I have ever played.

A lot of folks tote around the notion of copying or cloning, when in reality there are just some proven things that have been pioneered to work. When I see some things implemented from say something you see in World of Warcraft in another MMORPG, I don't see copying outright, I see using what is proven to work.

Windows 8 is a prime example of reinventing the wheel and disobeying what has been a proven pioneered concept: The Start Menu/Desktop.

I might catch some flak for this but I just wanted to air my opinion and suggestion. Impression Games has made thee best City Simulations ever. They are hands down fun, well put together and have a knack for strategy and thoughtful play.

They may have made multiple variants of the same game but I view it no different than buying another car or house. They may not look the same, and have a different coat of paint, but there are things under the hood I just outright expect to be there and function the exact same way.

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Re: Homage to the Proven.

Post by Yaz » 12 Aug 2016, 02:45

^ Please.

I LOVED Pharaoh so much. Most of the more modern ones bore me to death because there is no storyline or are far to easy to master.

Defense of your city drags out gameplay

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