Time to change various things

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Time to change various things

Post by Darkiger » 22 Jan 2017, 11:40

This game is great but it is no more possible to play further if some changes are not completed.

1) huge problem in the quantities management
- beginning of the game I got over 17k of leather. I didn't know what to do with them and within a few years (over 100 years actually :D ;) ) I hit 0, zero, nada ... 0 quantity and not possible to gather more, I tried everything, warehouses in the forest, caravan transporting the leather, housings in the forest, etc ... nothing at all ... 0, 0, 0, 0, ohhh sometimes 10 units, but for 390 people this is not enough (79 of them are hunters) :%)
- 7 tailors shops unable to work with such low quantities of leather :cry:
- every winter I have over 30K legumes spread over the whole village, but have every times the message that I am in lack of food (bug?)
- every winter I transfer my farmers to go fishing, during the summer time I leave the fishes in peace to let them grow up and I am fishing in winter. 92 workers fishing and I get just about 200 or 300 units of fishes in stock :shock: , in the previous years I got 2k to 4k with less workers

2) AI
- let allow the workers being cold to enter ANY building to warm up
- let allow the workers to eat OUTSIDE their houses. Running every time to their homes to warm up and to eat, this is kind of non-sense :%)
- workers should put on usual clothes in summer times and keep the warm clothes for winter times, no sense to keep warm clothes on during the whole year ;)

3) Farms
- farming animals is not worth, we use a lot of resources for a very low reward. I cannot feed my people with 80 liters of milk and 80 units of meat every year with 48 cows for 380 people
- farmers are still looking at the wild animals attacking their beasts without defending them
- I have 280 chickens for 380 people but can only stock every year about 50 units of meat and 50 eggs ... :%)
- farms need to reward more meat, leather, milk, eggs, more more more ! :beer:
- let us produce cheese with the milk of goats and cows ;) !
- as already said, farmers who have already harvest their field should help the other ones and not trying desperately to plant again just a few days before winter :no:
- we need to be able to manage the size of the farm without having to destroy them. Destroying farm is a real pain :(

4) Food
- definitively not worth to produce pies, very slow production time, need a lot of resources and without real impact in the daily life of my population
- bees farms need a lot of surface for a very very low production, useless. I have 4 bees farms with 13 workers and the yearly production reach not even 400 units .... worthless

5) Overview
- reached a certain level of population and of buildings, having an overview of them is a real pain. Where is what ? Who is doing what ? When ? Where are my hunting buildings ? Are there enough animals, enough fishes ?
- What quantities are where ? I see the whole inventory, but no clue if they are well spread over the map or stocked in only 1 warehouse :%) . For instance I have 5.5K legumes in stock and my people were starving ... yes this amount of food is in one warehouse out of the town :(

6) Job
- let us organize our workers and tell them where to go with which kind of merchandise. Actually they always follow the shorter way but this is often the worst solution :%)
- let the hunters take meat AND leather together ! PLEEEAAAASSSEEE :beer:
- workers should really more focus on their jobs. I see too often my tailors or my farmers running to gather food, to go to his/her home to eat (he/she should have food reserves on the working place) or to transport resources but NOT doing his/her job :shock: :evil: (see the policies section here below)

7) Policies
- let us define policies. Let tell our people they have to focus on this or this kind of production and they will organize themselves based on our decisions. For instance, instead of a long list of jobs (as you did), let just create a policy list. Or keep the jobs list and add a policy list, so the unemployed people could automatically switch their job based on the policy priorities set 8-)
(1) Wood production focus
(2) Wool production focus
(3) Legumes production
(4) Hunting
(5) Fishing
(6) Village defense (against wild animals)
(7) Meat production
Etc... etc ... etc ...

8.) Buildings
- please give the warehouses more space ! I had to use a mod for this because without this extra space, this is almost impossible to progress ... either you suddenly have more warehouses than houses and this becomes really strange :crazy:
- allow the houses to have more food reserves, PLEAAAAASSSSEEE :beer:
- I have a tavern producing alcohol, but no clue why :( I produce 1 barrel every earthquake :crazy: . Those taverns are huge buildings, they should produce much more alcohol and gather people ... you should allow us to create events, to organize parties or days off :Yahoo!:

Your whole game is well though because it is about : BALANCE. Everything needs to be well balanced if we want to grow up our village :Bravo: ... but 1 little mistake and you are in deep shit, your people suddenly start diying (cold, starvation, etc ...) :cry:

While I am writing this text, I lost over a quarter of my 380 people because I cannot produce anymore clothes .... :evil: and I gathered with 76 hunters less than 15 units of leather :cry: :sorry:

Oh great, now my farmers are starving :shock: .. a few minutes ago I had 36K legumes in stock and now I am under 5K :shock:
GAME OVER all my people died :bad: ... 1 little mistake and this is over :shock:

I know they are mods, and they are great :good: , but we always have to rework them after each patch. Playing further a saved game without the right mod might screw up your whole village :cry: . I tried once and lost half of my food resources. All my people died.
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Re: Time to change various things

Post by Grieswurst » 22 Jan 2017, 12:26

Man I totally sign this. I agree with everything you say! This game needs soo much more balance.

Herdsmen collect too less eggs from chicken or wool from sheep so these things are piling at the farms instead of being brought into the barn.

Also animal farms are kind of senseless since they need so much oats and grass but produce so few meat.

Taverns produce too less alcohol..

And yes we need so much more info in this game! There must be a townhall like in banished.

So yes, I really agree with everything you said. Maybe you should post this on steam so you get the attention of the devs!

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