[YO] Terrain Deformation Errors

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[YO] Terrain Deformation Errors

Post by Finch.5116 » 03 Sep 2017, 21:11

Is there any news regarding a fix for the endless errors while terraforming?

Everyone I'm sure has encountered the issue when you're levelling ground and you get the failure noise but nothing to say why you cant change a certain bit of land.

From server logging i can see there are two main errors responsible for this which fail to feedback to the user and once of them is clearly a bug.

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ERR 2017-09-03 21:51:52.125 {} <> [17536462] [Line #1276] TerrainDeformer::ChangeTerrHeight() - terrain fall going to generate deadlock. Terrain change cancelled

This looks like a rather poor bit of error handling as it aborts the transaction if it thinks it will deadlock the database. With a single interaction at a time this should not be possible. I've reproduced this alone on a server with a single action of dumping dirt.

No feedback to the client other than an annoying error sound.


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ERR 2017-09-03 21:56:08.256 {} <> [17536474] [Line #1286] TerrainDeformer::ChangeTerrHeight() - maxAltDiffWithoutFall is too big (1 / 1)

This one has been a bane of my life for the last week. It can affect any tile on the map seemingly at random. Once this happens you can not place any bulk material (rock, dirt etc) on that tile.
It is not a levelling issue. The tile in question can be the same height as all surrounding tiles, or even lower. Sometime you can mine out the tile and let the mine collapse and be able to work it, more often that fails.
On occasion you can dig down until you remove 0.1 height from the tile then use the dump on ground to bring it back up +0.2 and it's fine. Again this is random and can frequently fail.
I have a hole on my current work that is a single tile dug down 10 lower than the surroundings (with the usual inclines around it) but it cannot be filled in. You can dig as much off the tile as you like, but you cannot place anything back.

Once again no feedback to the client of the failure other than the usual error sound.


I would love to know if these have a fix?, if a patch is being worked on? And on top of that, has anyone had that same issue on the MMO? or was it possibly fixed there and just left on YO to annoy us all.

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