The Six Realms-Events Active Admins 6/9 Starter Kits

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The Six Realms-Events Active Admins 6/9 Starter Kits

Post by Ryden09 » 10 Jun 2019, 23:12

The Six Realms Rp/pvp Events Active Admins Starter Kits Hear ye, Hear ye welcome to the Six Realms we are here to help you all to realize its not only just about player versus player we focus more on the fantasy of roleplay we are trying to re unite the people that love to roleplay and the building mechanics of life is feudal. we are a team of active admins that plan to make your every day memorable of role experience without worrying about getting griefed and or getting bullied in the uncomfortable way Welcome all Travelers Start your story with us become a farmer, or even rise the ranks of your royal blood line and take control of the territory or region and take the oath of a king or queen.

Server Stats :beer:

80 progression multiplier


and we have starter kits!!

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