[MOD][Client] EllianMod::CartOnline (Approved for YO)

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[MOD][Client] EllianMod::CartOnline (Approved for YO)

Post by Ellian810 » 21 Mar 2017, 05:53

* zoom level 4
* new type of markers added

If you are located at the border of the map, the zoom out is not working well.
It is a known issue for which I have no fix right now.

Based on the actual cartographer, we have developed with Kitor an online sharing of the markers of the Cartographer.

The mod is working in the same way as the Cartographer but instead of storing the markers in an XML files, it publishes them on a server.
The information is sent to a third party server.
So if you don't trust me, don't use the mod.

In the CartOnline mod, a server will store the marker and share them automatically to the players:
- of the same server
- of the same guild

Some checks are done to avoid to send information to a bad guild and or a bad player.

This allow to share only strategic information to your team.

In addition to the Cartographer functionalities, the mod allows you to share your current position with your guild.
This functionality is enabled by default.
The markers of your guild members are displayed on the map and their distance is displayed in a small GUI next to the map.

The information is anyway stored on our server which means that our administrator can have access to it.
You may not store confidential data on it.

This mod can't run if the Cartographer is running.
First disabled, the Cartographer in the list of enabled mods to have it.

## Installation
No more installation needed.

## Usage
  • Display the map using your favorite shortcut
  • Click on the maximise icon
  • Press 'ctrl+b' to display directly the cartographer

Included into the Mod loader:
Mod Loader

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