EU/US Batavi Zwirblers recruiting

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EU/US Batavi Zwirblers recruiting

Post by Batavi » 01 Apr 2019, 00:09

[EU/US] Batavi Zwirblers are looking for new recruits. Are you tired of hiding behind your walls when angry nakeds with pointy sticks come knocking at your door? Do you want to be the one who knocks? Then Zwirblers is the place for you! We view Life is Feudal as a PvP game where PvE is crucial to make it happen. Whether you are veterans, new, groups or individuals; we are open to everyone. Alongside Askanjeros Zwirblers (Askaniers from Avalon) we enjoy finding new and exciting ways to get over your walls, shape granite en masse while our supreme leader whips us, debate for hours on correct building placement and much, much more.

What we want from you:

✙ Able to join TS
✙ IQ above 84
✙ Pull your own weight

What we have to offer:

✙ Open and welcoming community
✙ Regular PvP
✙ Top 10 guild to back you up

For a more detailed explanation of who we are and what we do, you can watch:

If you are interested feel free to reach out to us here or on discord (Caelin #1418)
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Re: EU/US Batavi Zwirblers recruiting

Post by Batavi » 03 Apr 2019, 16:28

Batavi Zwirblers is still recruiting.

Please enjoy some quality pvp gameplay from one of our alliance members while you browse :)

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