Hunting Quest on Newbie Island

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Hunting Quest on Newbie Island

Post by Klantic » 27 Feb 2020, 13:07

I'm very new to the game. Maybe 3 hours in. I started the tutorial quest for hunting. I created the (primitive) knife, gathered 30 stones, and next it wants me to hunt, kill, and skin an animal.

I found out how to track an animal which was a deer in this instance. It kept running away (as a real deer would. LOL). I started throwing stones, but have no idea if I was hitting it, even phasing it, or missing. I probably did this until I ran out of all 62 stones I had. I was so far away from my starting point that I died when a random wolf ate my soul.

My question is: How do you kill a passive animal? I only could create primitive melee weapons and pick up stones to throw.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Re: Hunting Quest on Newbie Island

Post by Jimprokash » 08 Mar 2020, 17:44

After tracking a hare for 500m last night, I realized that the “aim cursor” while throwing the rocks isn’t even remotely accurate. So I’m assuming that’s not what it actually is. I was aiming probably 4” lower than the hare on my monitor and following the actual rock throw as a gauge. Eventually I scored 2 hits and killed it, but the cursor really threw me off.

Hope this helps.

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