Missing the "red thread" on animal handling

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Missing the "red thread" on animal handling

Post by Maditus » 12 Mar 2019, 08:11

Hey everyone!

Decided to write this post as I (still after doing extensive testing) am missing the "red thread" on the subject of raising animals.

I consider my Excel on the matter still a bit of a secret, but lets say that I have done food testing on every single animal type for a period of 24 hours and the results are a bit odd in my opinion. An example:

a) one stable of horses (1x foal, 1x colt) makes through the day with flying colors. Eats carrots, uses straw. Great!

b) one stable of horses (2x foal, 1x colt) drinks water and uses straw at the same time -> one foal dies out of unknown causes.

This isn't the only example that has made me question how the animal feeding and breeding system works. When the animals die, they seem to die out of no reasonable reason. Yes, there is some kind of a system behind it working its magic, but I can't find it.

The only viable reason for the deaths MIGHT be food quality. That is the only reason I have been able to figure out until up to this point. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions on the matter, please feel free to share them. For the game devs: I really enjoy figuring out stuff on my own, but neither me, my fellow animal handlers or other guild members haven't figured out what the matter is with this feeding+dying system of yours.

Thanks in advance to everyone who replies!

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