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Observation from a Newcomer

Post by Rheanon » 14 May 2020, 18:17

I've just been playing for a few months. After the wipe, I settled in a quiet area of Greusmergen. Across the bay in Klausenland, there was a forest of trees, many of which were high quality 80s and 90s levels of all varieties except pine and spruce. I was lucky in that I went sprout hunting the moment I arrived and was able to plant a decent grove on my private claim. Within the last few weeks, that Klausenland little forest has been systematically cut down with no claims in sight. Nobody has settled there, and carrying lumber to the settled areas would have been a grueling task. The high quality trees were indiscriminately cut down with no effort at reforestation. I observed over the weeks, a lonely apple sapling of level 88 or 90 sitting alone in the now desolate Klausenland shore, trying to grow. I checked it today only to find its little stump sitting there. Somebody was not satisfied with a little apple sapling interrupting the barren landscape. Had it been allowed to live, the sapling, like the original forest, would have provided high quality sprouts to the nearby community. Why? I don't understand the reason for the deliberate decimation of a forest in unclaimed non-green zone land. Based on the size and scope of the incident in question, the whole thing suggests an organized effort to eliminate that forest. It makes no sense to me. Am I missing something here? Is this a strategy in guild power grabs? Somebody enlighten me please.

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