Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

For the sole purpose of guilds recruiting members.

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Mateescu.raoul » 20 Aug 2017, 15:12

Name: Thorvald
Steam Name/ID: PERICLE -
Country: Romania
Age: 29
Time Zone: GMT+2
Languages known proficiently: English & Greek
Played on LIF: 7H
MMO played: wow vanilla, wow tbc, wow wotlk, eve online, guild wars
Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen?: Looks like you guys are pretty organized and do the whole range of activities in the game, I want to be a part of that :)
Tell me about yourself: My name is Raoul and I'm a keen RPG and medieval fiction fan, I've just bought the game (LiF:YO) for me and my brother and we're looking to get into it with a group so we can make a more meaningful impact

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Bearen » 28 Aug 2017, 14:30

Name: Bjørn
Steam Name/ID: Bearen /
Country: Denmark
Age: 40
Time Zone: GMT+1
Languages known proficiently: Danish & English
Played on LIF: 900H+

MMO played: I have played MMO's since Ultima Online, but I havent got access to the LIF:MMO yet.

Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen?: I have met some of your players, joyful funtimes, good talks, plenty of work to do.

Tell me about yourself: I am a somewhat grown man with job, car, wife, kids, and lots of stuff in between, I am however probably the worst PVP player alive, but I will be the miner/blacksmith or other campworker of your dreams. I really enjoy making items that others can benefit of, and within LIF I live for getting the good quality, even on PVE I will make vostaskus steel items, simply because its satisfying to have it.

Reference: Mr Feudal

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by bulletbillx » 04 Sep 2017, 09:37

Name: Bulletbillx
Steam Name/ID:
Country: United States
Age: 26
Time Zone: UTC−05:00
Languages known proficiently: English
Played on LIF: 81h(in 10 days i bought YO on 8/25)

MMO played: I have about 4000hrs in WoW, 2000hrs in BDO, I have played but not much Rift, GW2, Albion Online, and Runescape. I have about 2000 hours total in building survival games like Ark: Survival Evoloved, Wurm Online, Empyrion Galactic Survival, and Rust.

Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen?: Im looking for a fun yet organized and serious group to play with for mmo launch, I love building in games and I believe this group can achieve great things in game.

Tell me about yourself: Im going to sound like I am in a job interview... I am very goal oriented, I like to set myself to a task no matter how big and finish it quickly. I enjoy the grind and look forward to what I can accomplish with a large group. Large scale pvp looks very fun, I will be willing to fill any role that we need for pvp or pve but I would prefer something in the alchemy, woodworking, or building professions.

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Magnet » 13 Sep 2017, 21:06

Name: Magnet
Steam Name/ID:
Country: Belgium
Age: 22
Time Zone: GMT+2
Languages known proficiently: English & Dutch
Played on LIF: 400H
MMO played: rust, WoW, BDO, ARK,...
Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen?: looks nice seems like a large group of ppl that play together and achieve something big.
Tell me about yourself: I like to play with other ppl to achieve something new.

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Andrew.e.098 » 17 Sep 2017, 16:21

In Game name: Andre Vahn Geist
Steam name Id:
Country: United States
Languages Prof: English
Played LIF: Only 36 hours
Mmo's Played: Mortal Online, Eve Online, Dark & Light, Ark?, Elder Scrolls Online :bad:

Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen: Norsca themed group functions in with the way I want to make my mmo character...I've joined plenty of Groups in my past...groups backed by a You-tuber generally has a longer lasting community then most

Tell me more About yourself: I'm a father of one-my child is almost 9 months old. I have a loving woman who helps me a lot. My average game time a day is usually anywhere between 4 to 12 hours a day, depending on work or life events. I'm use to being a member of a community and have never been kicked out of one yet. I also often pay for servers just to host events with friends.

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Hereward » 01 Oct 2017, 20:41

Country: England
Age: 48
Time Zone: GMT
Languages known proficiently: English
Played on LIF: YES
MMO played: Naval action ans Star citizen
Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen?: Looking to get involved in a group Mr Feudal gave the heads up to look here first on his vids
Tell me about yourself: Im a full time career i love this time in history

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Harmendebode » 06 Oct 2017, 18:56

Name: Harmen
Steam Name/ID:
Country: Netherlands (Dutch)
Age: 25
Time Zone: GMT +1
Languages known proficiently: Dutch,English
Played on LIF: YES
MMO played: WOW from vanilla to legion, guild wars 2, star wars old republic,
Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen?: Because i am already playing with vanirs in mr fuedals server and i dont like tvg and arkona :')

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Damienaspin » 06 Oct 2017, 23:19

Name: Agathor
Steam Name/ID: Sir.Nerdbane
Country: UK/England
Age: 29
Time Zone: GMT
Languages known proficiently: English
Played on LIF: 200 hour's
MMO played: Wow, Elder scrolls online, Arma 3 also a big fan of survival games. 7 days to dies, Conan, Empyrion. TBH most early access survival games
Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen?: After watching Mr.Feudals videos I do like this group of players. Fun, mature dedicated soldiers :P Have also played his LiF servers and liked the community.
Tell me about yourself: Very active gamer (i do have a life too tho :D), big F1, rugby and football fan. Still fairly new to LiF (only 200 hours) and have just bought the MMO so looking to get in with some pro's. Hopefully I can learn a lot from you guys in the way of combat, and to be part of a well know guild makes it all the better.

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Jameslindsay1983 » 07 Oct 2017, 14:54

Name: James
Steam Name/ID: renegade_1
Country: UK/Scotland
Age: 35
Time Zone: GMT
Languages known proficiently: English
Played on LIF: Yes 81hrs
MMO played: No access to LiFMMO yet. Arma 3, Rust, Gloria Victis.

Why choose Vanirs Krigsmen?: It was Mr Feudal YT videos that got me buying and playing LiF. Been a fan ever since. I recently watched his video saying they were recruiting and thus here I am ready and willing to pledge my allegiance. You guys seem fun, well organised and experienced. I wouldn't want to join with anyone else.

Tell me about yourself: I'm ex Military. Live with my GF and 6 yo daughter. I suffer PTSD and insomnia so I don't get out much and usually pass my time playing games. Im easy going and a team player and cant wait for access to the MMO.

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Re: Vanirs Krigsmen Recruitment

Post by Gastenns » 18 Oct 2017, 23:34

I want to welcome all the new players to the guild. Were very excited to have all of you with us. We are playing on a new triple server with a no rules pvp server in between. Our core server has a several guilds in our kingdom with us plus some fun events. Come join today!

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