[ENG][PVP][PVE][Godenland] Imperio Novus Orsa is recruiting!

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[ENG][PVP][PVE][Godenland] Imperio Novus Orsa is recruiting!

Post by Darksage850 » 19 Apr 2019, 02:09

The Kingdom of Novus Orsa is recruiting new citizens to join us in Godenland. We are a English PVP and PVE guild with plenty to offer gamers of all playstyles! We are a tight knit group that has played since the start of CBT. As such, we have a lot of veteran players that can show inexperienced players the ropes and train them as needed!

Ideally, we are looking to build a nice and mature international group of friends to create, build, and fight together. We value teamwork above all else, and thus you would at minimum be required to participate with the group on certain events, otherwise we help players live out their RP/gaming experience how they want to play in a relaxed and friendly environment.

✙ Mature players 18+
✙ Understands English
✙ Can handle sass

What can we offer:
✙ Organized Discord
✙ Help with learning the game
✙ Always something to do either PVE or PVP wise
✙ Crisp high-fives

We'll take all who are willing; veteran or rookie. We also accept refugees, and refugee guilds looking to resettle. We just ask you come with an open mind, and willing to have a clean slate diplomatically.

Join us on our discord server or message me directly @Aeonian Masha#7033

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