Councilor - trainee contacts

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Councilor - trainee contacts

Post by LadyNarin » 23 Jul 2019, 17:29

PSA: If you are a newcomer to the game, in one way or another send a pm to the Councilor you wish to bind to.

The current state of councilor system is that the game does not notify the councilor of new trainee applications, not in game or via the contact methods linked to councilor profile - applications can be only found on the website dashboard when checking it manually. Trainees can send direct messages to the councilor candiates, but most of the newcomers do not seem to send a message, they expect the councilor to receive a notification of their presence I assume.

It would improve the intended use of this system, aka. helping newcomers, if we could get an instant notification of a new trainee candidate to the contact details we have linked to our councilor profile. Current practise causes unnecessary delays to the activation of traineeships and may demotivate true newcomers.

The good news is, there does seem to be a lot of new players now!

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