MMO kind of like EVE Online and Life is Feudal?

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MMO kind of like EVE Online and Life is Feudal?

Post by tejas23 » 22 Nov 2020, 13:38

What are some good MMOs that let you own a plot of land or at the least let you own a building in a city/town for productive/guild purposes? An active player driven economy is a must to. I'd really like a game where anything beyond basic items are only available by players that craft them. Basically like eve online. Thank you for any input. No space MMOs please.

- I played EVE Online for years. 2006 to 2014; 2016 to 2019. Just don't have the time for it anymore.

- I played BDO up to level 63. Only paid 5 dollars for it and wanted to give it a chance. I do not like the idea of grinding hours of mats for a chance at crafting a higher level item and games that make pvp about combos. Also don't like everyone can own the same room in a building.

- Played WoW when it was the original back in 2005. So I do not want to go back to revisit it

- I tried Life is Feudal MMO. I like the no hand holding, but this game seems dead?

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