Auroch issue

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Auroch issue

Post by LordWarmold » 17 Jan 2015, 02:53

Dear Life is Feudal developers,
I hope you read this. I love your game, it's awesome. All I have ever wanted in a crafting game.

I would like to report bugs to you and help develop your game.
I am not sure if this is the right way to do it.

A major bug in the game is that if you go looking for Aurochs, but don't have stables yet, there is NO way of getting rid of it.

which means my character is walking around with 120 stone of weight, without a way of getting rid of it. Please fix this.

Kind regards,


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Re: Auroch issue

Post by Azumazi » 17 Jan 2015, 03:05

Last I was on, which was about 2 weeks ago as I took a break, you could place those contracts on a trade cart or a warehouse. So you do have a way of getting rid of it.

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Re: Auroch issue

Post by Bull4Ever » 18 Jan 2015, 08:29

Been stuck with this for a few days now :(

Built the trading cart but it says the container is too small. So I began the long journey to obtain steel (for locks/door module) and mortar to try and build a barn.

But now I have reached an impasse. I have everything I need to build the barn except the 2 Door Modules, which I can build. But here is the kicker, the Bull weighs 120 stones, and the door module requires 9 hardwood boards which weigh 180 stones. Sadly that equals 300 stones of space which I believe is impossible in LiF even with strength at 100.

I had to do all of this with the bull taking up 120 stones of inventory space only to realize I may not be able to build this at all :bad:

If anyone can think of a way to remedy this it would be amazing.

Maybe there is a mod to allow you to carry a little more? Just something I could turn on, build it, then return to normal....Got so far and would hate to have to start over just because I wanted to tame a Bull and jumped the gun a little.

Any help is appreciated....Thanks.

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Re: Auroch issue

Post by Azumazi » 18 Jan 2015, 11:40

Inventory weight goes off willpower, not strength.

I managed around 400 carry weight with my character on a private server, but we're talking like 60+ willpower.

In all honesty, it would be nice if they put in an option to "Junk" an item in your inventory.

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Re: Auroch issue

Post by Getty313 » 18 Jan 2015, 15:39

I had the same issue wit boars/sows early on also. Tamed a pair of them and had to deal with -100 stones capacity until I was able to construct a barn.

There should be a way to destroy these deeds/contracts instead of wasting time trying to find & build the right building to throw them into.

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Re: Auroch issue

Post by Bull4Ever » 18 Jan 2015, 20:56

Maybe willpower could be the close to being able to carry all 9 hardwood boards.....

Its kind of silly that it doesn't allow you to drop it, even though a bag shows up on the ground with nothing in it haha.

Trying to figure out how to just implement a quick mod to lower the Bulls weight to '0' but I cannot figure out how to. I have gotten the Bull to show a weight of '0' but I still cannot put it into the traders cart.

I assume this is because I can't find the server file.....just the client one, modding guide in the tutorial section is a little lackluster :(


Just solved it using GM commands.

Raised my Will so I could carry 300+ stones.

Thanks for the suggestion! Now I just gotta hope my server actually starts consistently 8-)

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