New way of building houses

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New way of building houses

Post by StuntmanB0b » 30 Nov 2016, 17:44

Every time I see the list of craftable buildings and imagine what an amount of buildings will come to the game, then I think about the list of builings in the constructionmenu and the masonrymenu. It must be possible to shorten this list but have nevertheless a huge variety of buildings.

I want to show you my suggestion at one example - the small house

Now there are 2 types of small houses. The plaster one and the wooden one.

In my suggestion there are only one small house at the constructionmenu. This one defines the ground or floor plan of the following building. You can rotate and move the building like now but it is still the ground floor.
After you have placed the ground floor you have to definde the look of the house and with that the needed materials. Now you can choose different walls like plaster, wood, stone, brick and choose how many windows are at the building and choose the roof of the building. That can be out of wood shingle, (bark shingle), roof tiles out of clay or a thatching(reed).
And you can upgrade the building like in Forest Village so you can set a second stage at a building.

After you have confiremd the look of the building you are at the known crafting menu. The required ressources depent at the look of your building.

Let me show you my suggestion with an picture
I know not every combination makes sense. Some of them have to be restricted.

What do you think about it?

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Re: New way of building houses

Post by Kriegsmann55 » 01 Dec 2016, 01:16

I actually love the idea of this, and I feel like it would add a whole lot to the game as a whole. In fact I would go one step further with the customization of the buildings with something long over due: Modules.

Being able to select specific modules for rooms in buildings to allow additional functionality would be a great help. As an example with the keep, why not build a kitchen 'module' that would grant the benefits of having an oven or even a full blown kitchen inside of it? Or being able to have a 'Bedroom' module that would take up between 2 to 4 of a building's available bind spots, but also then add a door that is accessible only to those who are bound to it?

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Re: New way of building houses

Post by Tholld » 02 Dec 2016, 14:08

I think it's a great idea but maybe difficult to put it in the game. For now every building is 'one piece', to make this idea become real they'd have to split every building in parts, let's call them 'modules' as mentioned.

But IF they'd realize this idea we'd have versatile cities with infinite variations.

I'd love it!

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Re: New way of building houses

Post by Renu.jadhav02 » 12 Feb 2019, 06:48

Unique design gives different look to the house. Builders in Amravati always come with new construction ideas.

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