This Game is a Mass of Frustrating "Quit and Walk away" Points

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This Game is a Mass of Frustrating "Quit and Walk away" Points

Post by Sunleader » 10 Apr 2018, 11:40

Been checking this Game out for a while now.
And Seriously. This Game is an Incredible mess of Dead Ends and Stonewalls.
I wonder if the Design Target of this Game is to make as many Players as possible Quit out of Frustration as fast as possible.

And I am not Talking about the Bugs, Missing Tool Tips, Missing Explanations and Horrible Clunky UI etc etc. Which can be Explained by this being Early Access.

This Game is too dependent on having a Large Group.
Being Solo is not even an Option because you cant even get Basic Tools and Stuff.
The Idea might be to have Players Trade for it.
But there is barely anyone to Trade. And the few who could Trade are not Interested in Trading with anyone except Guild Members and Allies.
This results in alot of Players Quitting short after Joining because they simply did not Join a Guild.
Regardless of that being due to not being Recruited or not Wishing to Join a Guild being irrelevant.

Its fine the Game being based around Groups even if that will Cut your Potential Playerbase by more than Half.
But it has to be Possible to at least reach lower levels with Small Groups.
If a Small Group cant even really get Weapons and Armor to Offer themselves as Sellswords then there is no meaning to anything but Large Guilds Playing this.

This Games Spawning of New Players is a Catastrophe.
Heck one of my Characters Spawned in the Snow up in the Mountain. It took 2 Hours just to somehow find a way over the Mountain to get into an area where I could get Food.
Then another 2 Hours to get to Camp.
The Random Coast Spawn is a Frustrating and severs absolutely no Purpose.
Since you also need to Build a Shack at minimum to Respawn at an Location.
You get an absolute Trap for New Players thats makes alot of People Quit before even Starting the Game.

Seriously. Either Spawn all Players in the Capitol.
Or offer Players to Spawn in a Selected Tile of the Map.

The Skill Tree is incredible Badly tought out.
Many Skills are very Badly Designed.
They need Single Actions to be Leveled and require an Insane amount of them.
Or they need Actions and Tools to be used that are not Available unless already having the Skills or having someone else to Provide them.
For example.
To Level Mining you need to Mine Ore.
But to actually find Ore to Mine it. You need the Mining Skill quite high.
Or like Artisan which has to be Leveled by Cutting down entire Forests because you lack any Decent other Options to level it properly.

This needs to be Adjusted and Worked on.
Skills need to make sure that they are Leveled roughly Equally.
Currently if I want to Skill Hunting. I go Fishing for some Hours while Watching Youtube Videos.
If I want to level Artisan I need to cut down an entire damn forest for no reason.
And I cant even do anything with the Wood because for that I would first need an entire Squad of other Professions from Smith to Carpenter etc etc.

Complete Dependence on Ressources even for the most Basic Needs.
In this Game there is some Ressources that simply cannot be Replaced and which are simply not Available.
One such Example is Iron.
You Forcibly need Iron to get anywhere. But Iron is extremely Rare and only Found in the few Mountains of the Map.
These Spots of Course are already long Occupied. Making it Unavailable for most other Players.
I assume this was Intended to create War Reasons and Strategical Positions.
But this is completely meaningless if those who have no Access to these Materials never really get a Chance to Fight because well. They cant actually get to the Stage before they can even Craft Fighting stuff.
You cant lead a War against a Guild in a Strategic Position to get Materials you need for War.
When to lead a War you need such Materials First.

Either make such Ressources Available in Smaller Quantities all around the Map.
Or Give Players an Option to Replace such Ressources in exchange for lower Quality.
For Example. Allow Players to Extract small Quantities of Iron ore out of Stone. This would of course be more Expensive and Time Consuming than having actual Iron Veins. But at least it would break the Stonewall.
Or simply Allow Players to use different Materials.
For example Allow Players to Create an Stone Oven with a Stone Pot instead of Metal Pot. So they dont Forcibly need Metal.
Same for Nails. WHY THE HELL do we even need Metal Nails.
In those Times having Metal Nails was an Complete Exception. For most Part you would use Wooden Nails...

Carrying and Placing Items makes no Sense.

Pls Issue a Simple Ground Detection Auto Position.
Allow Players to Dedicate a Tile as "Wood Deposit"
etc and allow them to Simply Pour the Stuff there. Making it Automaticly Stack up on that Pile to a Certain limit.
For example 3x3x3 Logs.

Trade is Practically Nonexistent and is Incredible onesided.
Because Trading only makes Sense if you want to Buy something.
But makes absolutely no Sense if you want to Sell something.

Anything that can be Sold to the Crown will be Sold to the Crown.
Because there is simply no Reason to Sell to Players.

Thing is. If I got a Guild and Produce the Big Stuff that would make Sense to be Sold to others.
I already have everything else anyways.
Smaller Player Groups that dont have enough People to do all Jobs and thus need to Buy things. Simply have nothing to Offer to a Bigger Group that has these things.
Because the Bigger Group already has everything the Small Group could Offer in Abundance.

Best would be to Simply have the Capitol to Buy and Sell much more items and Ressources.
In general Buying Ressources should cost Twice as much as Selling them.
So the Capitol for Example Sells a Stack of 1000 Copper Ore.
It will Demand 10 Silver Coins for it.
But if you Sell a Stack of 1000 Copper Ore to the Capitol.
It will only Pay you 5 Silver Coins.
That way Players will have a Reason to actually Offer their Stuff in the Capitol for a Price sitting somewhere in between the Sell and the Buy Price of the Crown.
Thus actually giving People a Reason to Trade. While at the same time also Preventing smaller Groups from being Stonewalled and unable to Continue the Game.

Ok. Thats all for Now. I am too lazy to Type even more despite having far more Issues I am going to type at some point...

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