Allow for repairing sooner? (buildings, stations)

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Allow for repairing sooner? (buildings, stations)

Post by Mepplin » 11 Sep 2018, 19:12

If I understood it correctly, all resources are being there only once, in their (massive?) amounts, but both scattered across the whole map and not being refunded (not even the slightest bit) on deconstruction. (And now think of people who powerlevel their construction using furnaces and else...)

It seems as if we are going to be building literally tons of crafting stations before we are able to repair the first ones. What will we end up with? 20 furnaces because our smelter/smith cannot use the damaged ones anymore?

Or is there a way to repair those things before hitting 60 construction AND 30 masonry?
(Those fences dont really help with the skill. I got 4 points in a whole power hour. (We just started, so our cook neighter has the skill nor the materials to cook really good food.))

So the real request/feedback is:
Please allow builders to repair the stuff they've built sooner.

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