Paypal AND Credit Card?

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Paypal AND Credit Card?

Post by Niocal » 25 Nov 2017, 21:57

So let me see if i can understand this...if i want another ticket added to my account and i want to use Paypal, in order to do so i HAVE to give Xsolla a credit card information as well as my paypal information?

i tried to use my AMEX debit card and guess what, not working.

so if i want another character i'm going to have to buy the game again? Granted i'm able to, i have a feeling i'll still need a credit card AND Paypal. -_-

This vexes me greatly.

It's been sorted. :beer:

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Re: Paypal AND Credit Card?

Post by Redking7925 » 12 Dec 2017, 12:57

Same problem me too. Paypal and prepay card not work.

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Re: Paypal AND Credit Card?

Post by Arrakis » 12 Dec 2017, 13:34

Regarding payment issues, please communicate with Xsolla - best via live chat - topic24903/ or directly through here:

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