Stuck at Newbie Island

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Stuck at Newbie Island

Post by Elies1337 » 13 Jan 2018, 20:16

i bought the game yesterday (on Steam). I Started at the Newbie Island and made some quests and got comfortable with the Mechanics, farming and building system. I played like.. maybe 5 hours or so, then i realized that i am not able to teleport to another Country at the Ferryman. I dont have a Ticket and i dont have 10k Gold. Do i really need to pay another 8-9€ to get out of the Newbie Area ???

I started with 4 other friends. 2 of us (including me) got this Problem.
3 are already on Epleland (or something like that).
Can you please teleport us ot Epleland ?
My ingame Name is Reamix Whitebeard and the one of my friend is Sonixs Unknown, who got the same problem as i do.

greetings from germany,

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Re: Stuck at Newbie Island

Post by Arrakis » 13 Jan 2018, 22:12

Did you purchase LiF:YO or any of the packages? If you did and you're missing purchased items (such as Ticket to Abella), please, follow these instructions - topic24903/ - and contact Xsolla support.

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