Food complexity and quality question...

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Food complexity and quality question...

Post by DLxDaemon » 03 Jul 2019, 17:53

I am to understand that food complexity and the resulting food quality are based on the last 5 meals eaten.
But this seems to have been changed, and from what I've been told, to an unreal number.
But, since the wiki is not kept up to date, I'm looking here to get an official answer as to how many different meals we have to eat to stop getting the "tired of eating..." message. It's very frustrating to have to constantly try to manage a large variety of different, high quality, high complexity foods. This, coupled with the fact that food complexity goes down with your hunger going down, it's extremely hard to keep a decent food quality. And I'm not complaining I can't keep it at 100+, I'm talking about even keeping it at a 1.0 is extremely complicated.
Take the fact that it's so difficult to manage, obviously very extreme, and not even knowing how many different meals I have to cycle through, it becomes just one more thing that ruins the enjoyment of playing. I've relegated to just eating fried fish and saying "screw food quality..."

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