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Can't login

Post by Gudav » 31 Aug 2021, 10:07

Hello, im having some issue with the game. I'm just getting in to the login and then I get stuck there, nothing happens. I had a account for some years ago and changed the password, I have linked the game to Steam. But the login screen just get stuck.

When I try to login from Steam, you can select regions, but no regions appear in the list. When I go to the files and start the game from there, I only get to the login, which then stands still.

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Re: Can't login

Post by Arrakis » 31 Aug 2021, 13:47

Hey. Sorry, but Life is Feudal: MMO had to be closed on 18th Jan this year due to complications that forced our hands :( More info can be found here. Currently, we are working on another project, although can't reveal any information about it just yet. And LiF:MMO is now only available in Tinacity's release in China.

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