Voices of Humanity - The World's Space Time Capsule

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Voices of Humanity - The World's Space Time Capsule

Post by Honey22 » 23 Jul 2016, 14:43

Our goal is to directly engage all humanity in space exploration. We want to send your dreams and aspirations to the stars! With our basic funding goal of $30,000, we will put your data on a custom spacecraft that will be launched in 2017 initially into Low Earth Orbit (LEO), then to more distant missions to the moon, Mars, etc in subsequent missions. In the future, we intend to offer the Humanity Chip to all spacecraft being launched.

Once we reach our stretch goal of $100,000, we will be able to build a sophisticated ground-based laser and robotic telescope that allows your data to be optionally transmitted via laser to the target of your choice in space. We will then be able to "beam you up" by encoding and sending your data to the stars so you will travel at the speed of light into the universe. In both cases, we will be able to "back up humanity", using the universe as our "cloud" with your images, pictures, text, tweets, video, and DNA! Your data will live forever in the universe. You will be immortalized.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/17 ... n=9609f609

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