wHO IS Black Watch Mercs ?

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wHO IS Black Watch Mercs ?

Post by Marisorio242+1782 » 29 Jan 2019, 03:04

So I already know Merc groups are going to be a common thing here in the forums and in game but there are a few things the will be different about Black Watch Mercs.
Voting/Equal Say in matters. (majority rules)
Need before Greed, meaning that someone that needs said item looted/crafted will have first grabs when looted. (first chance to buy when crafted)
We require you to have a job that you do when we arent actively hostile with anyone, whether that be farming, mining, crafting gear or creating potions to better the group and yourselves situation.
Votes will be the only way decisions are made, we are looking for active members that realize that their vote doesn't count if they aren't on. (We will hold off on a decision if it isn't urgent so that you have a chance to vote)
You will be drafted in wars we have (are hired into) upon my request, but I am willing to make exceptions for a good reason.
Trolls will be kicked from group (I'm not saying you cant have a sense of humor, but don't be annoying and mess up everything for the group because you think it'd be funny)

Some more about us, we plan to keep the name Black Watch but we do not plan to stay Mercs forever, however rules will be the same if we wish to create a realm and maybe later even a kingdom. We also want to make it clear that even though I might call for a vote or we might loot something, we are all equal and that means equal shares, including myself, and the only reason I call for such, is because someone must. If anyone is interested, Ill add you on steam and you may ask any questions you have (or drop them below) or even give me suggestions on the group.

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