How Life of a Feudal Merchant Should Be

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How Life of a Feudal Merchant Should Be

Post by Ragtimer » 23 Sep 2014, 16:50

So I had some thoughts about trading and gold ( and decided to share ideas about trading / merchandising:

First the prequesites:
1. No Trading-Auction-House like it's common in other MMOs with no server-wide bourse / exchange-market
2. No Gold Generation through NPCs/Quests/etc.
3. Gold coins are made out of gold (bars).
4. Trading only between players face-to-face

Here's the idea:
Since Transportation and the lack of goods in some territories will raise the demand for it, some people will advance to merchants and will transport goods they think other people want to have in some territories and will sell it for a price they see fit. Trading means exchange of goods with no definiton what a good has to cost. So at launch early merchants might want to trade tools or pelts for herbs or iron and this will change. This way only a vigilant and skilled merchant will make good profit.
Soon Gold will be established as a currency. Or maybe it will be an other currency? Maybe Salt or Silver or even some rare tobaco-like grass? :

Imagine a scenario: A merchant takes six fine swords he bought for 2 gold pieces to a far village and the players want those weapons. They are asked for a gold piece for each. This is a high price in the city since there are many good blacksmiths but they do not know this or have never been there and it is a far journey. They see it fit to pay their hard earned gold pieces for the swords and the merchant returns home with 6 gold pieces. What a barter!

Now of course there need to be some mechanics that help the merchant. Like: he should be marked as a merchant and people killing one shall be branded as a merch-killer (so other merchs can spot him and run early on). Also Mercs might want to hire some boddybuards for a dangerous journey. This will make it more fun.
Soon trader guilds or connections will arise and people will work together more like an mmo shall be.

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Re: How Life of a Feudal Merchant Should Be

Post by Ragtimer » 24 Sep 2014, 18:46

No suggestions, arguments comments on this one?

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Re: How Life of a Feudal Merchant Should Be

Post by Famousbwd » 24 Sep 2014, 19:08

I thought about this too. I'd like to see traveling merchants in the world. Perhaps you could make a horse drawn stall too or a trade ship.

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Re: How Life of a Feudal Merchant Should Be

Post by Apep » 25 Sep 2014, 12:44

I like this idea! I think it'd be nice to be able to set up a temporary stand where people can see what you're selling.
Also, maybe along factions there could be Trade Companies or Guilds who could be granted access to factions for a certain sum, kind of like making them a neutral faction.

With that, bandits and raiders could arise, adding another great aspect to the game! Though with the current system - that you can't get back from evil alignment, I wonder if people would actually want to play an outcast. Maybe have a bandit/outlaw faction in the game?

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Re: How Life of a Feudal Merchant Should Be

Post by Cotroneo » 25 Sep 2014, 18:54

Ragtimer wrote:So....
No suggestions, arguments comments on this one?

lol.. there's nothing to argue about dude! This is how it should always be. This is not a theme park MMO; this development team is full of ACTUAL gamers who (mostly) enjoy the hardcore element so I'm sure we've got nothing to worry about when it comes to a face-to-face, realitic encounter for "trading".

I really would like to see the Silver/Gold be use as currency and be shaped into different weights of coinage, like 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz.. 1kg (32 oz) and so on. Bartering between personal views of the worth of an item and profit margins would be so beneficial.. especially when we begin to have developed towns!

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Re: How Life of a Feudal Merchant Should Be

Post by Monxer » 26 Sep 2014, 00:38

I suggested something similar a while back

The idea that certain kingdoms or guilds could stamp and produce their own coins with their own seals and what not gets me all flustered over the idea of economic warfare between kingdoms and countries.

Overall I think this is a fantastic idea, giving players more freedom in how they shape the world around them is always fine with me.

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Re: How Life of a Feudal Merchant Should Be

Post by Llandy » 26 Sep 2014, 23:03

I have to admit i really like this idea, but just be forewarned.... id have a sharp sword with some buddies wanting to take some loot :x

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