Returning player - Server Transfer?

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Returning player - Server Transfer?

Post by Jgruendlich » 26 Feb 2019, 11:00

Hello there,

i am a returning player and i wanted to check out the new Godeland Server. Last time i played was when Skjultland was pretty new and empty.

I just checked my profile and saw that all my characters are now on Epleland on default. When i log into the game (still patching) can i choose to switch them to the new Godeland server or do i have to spent money on transfers? Because if that is the case, i wont do it.
Im not much into RP, so i am not interested in playing on RP server with slow progression.

A quick hint in the right direction would be appreciated!

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Re: Returning player - Server Transfer?

Post by Arrakis » 28 Feb 2019, 01:38

You can transfer your character from Epleland to Godenland using Prayer for far journey without any costs. But at the moment it will be one-way trip, plus keep in mind this info from the bottom of 0.2.0 landing page (

Q: What can be transferred to Godenland?
Skills T1 (capped at 60 points) and T2 (capped at 30 points)
All stats will be capped at 20 points
Alignment points will be transferred unchanged
Character creation data will be saved
Character names and appearance will be saved

Note: characters will be transferred with an empty inventory, and the guilds will be disbanded.

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