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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Belthize » 04 Jan 2012, 18:46

Very interested in what you've written and done so far. Looks like a very promising game. Some of the ideas are similar to ones I've had for a strawman design I've worked on over the years. I'm particularly interested in seeing how your offline and online minigame system works. I and another person had thrashed on something similar but I'd given up on it as being impractical.

170) To what extent will character skill factor into PvP vs player skill. In many games new players, rightly or wrongly, are turned off joining an existing server due to the perception that their character will be too far behind. This will be true even if the skill up time is fast as you intend. In terms of damage done, chance to hit and damage sustained will a highly skilled character be 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500% better than a freshly minted character. Hopefully player skill clearly trumps character skill.
That's true in our game we will aim for player skill to be above character skill. For instance, there will be NO chance to hit formulas or anything like that - if you managed to land a blow, then you managed to deal a damage. It's really hard to answer precisely on your question, but let's assume, that player skill will be 3 times more important, then character skill. And if under player skill we mean no only pure reflex/aiming in combat, but also good understanding of game mechanics, good personal/country economy management, good social/diplomacy skills, then such ratio can be even 10:1

170b) Are PvP skills primarily weapon proficiency type skills. If so, how much of an effect would no skill in say long sword have versus nearly 90 skill ?
Most combat skills are weapon proficiency skills, that add some effects to certain attack directions or body part hits, but there also will be armor proficiency, formation control skill, first aid and few other useful skills in combat. Answering your question, main effect of weapon proficiency skill level will be effective quality of weapon, that you wield. So a highly skilled player with Q=1 longsword and a newbie with Q=10 longsword will have equal DPS, except that newbie won't lay some additional effects with his blows.
But, highly skilled player will be able to wield Q=90 longsword, that will have roughly 50% more DPS (it's far from final balance, since our combat math model is not fully finished yet - not our priority ATM), but that will be very expensive sword and not many high skilled players will be able to afford to loose them in PvP.

171) Will there be any game mechanics to discourage zerging. In a server of 5000 players will there be anything to discourage a 1000 man zerg kingdom ? For example slower skill gain, heal time, disease etc as a function of population density.
Short answer: no. Because:
1. You can never make a 100% successful zerg detection algorithm. Even if you will penalty highly populated countries/alliances nothing prevents them from disbanding that alliance in minor countries, but still be allied "de facto" and help each other financially or with manpower.
2. I don't see a reason for that. In UO, SB, DF i've been always on the other side of zerg, i've never liked it and such. But i've seen many times, that if some entity become a server wide zerg other players react on that and make everything to destroy it and in all cases that is successful. And those server wide wars bring alot of drama and fun too ;) It's just next tier of free PvP.
On first tier you can be ganked, which means that you fail to avoid and/or counter gank, so you have 2 options: quit playing or learn and improve. On second tier your group/guild can be zerged, which means that you fail to avoid and/or counter zerg, so you have 2 options: quit playing or learn and improve.
3. Big population will lead to a bigger territory claim, that means it will be harder to defend and it will be more vulnerable to raids. And packing alot of people in one castle will make them less effective in most of crafts.

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Architect Supremacist » 13 Feb 2012, 12:06

As you can tell by name im more interested/exited about the creation aspect of this game, and from what ive read on the main page of LIF you can build your buildings they way you want them designed( which I think is great), so my first question is.

172) Could you please explain to me in a bit more detail how I would go about constructing a building square by square after ive flattend the ground?
There are few construction ways:
1. build a whole building (like we did with windmill on our video) - and cells logic affect only how many cells you should flatten for that building
2. build a fence or castle wall square by square - you will have to flatten enough cells for each block
3. plan your house, setting every wall, window,and door sections and then complete construction
Not sure that i have answered your question, but that should be enough for now :)

173) When one makes armor will they be able to customise it, and if I can to what extent: can I for example make a crusader helmet and make it look anything like the helmet you see on my avatar; and maybie even change the slit to a series of small holes like a gladiator helmet?
You'll be able to customize some item type only by performing an exceptional craft resulting in your name being save in weapon description as a maker. No visual customization will be possible.

174) Will my character be able to get sick and if left unoticed and untreated die, and if yes can there be room for plauges and epidemics?
Not in release for sure. But having different kinds of wounds and fractures after battles will be enough for first time IMHO

175) From what ive read night will have low visablity which is great but will night offer any other features; like hazourdous perils like wolfs and cold tempertures that affect status of health, and other things like a change in the tide?
Increased predator animals spawn chance that will result in wolf attacks - sounds as a good idea - i think we'll implement that. No, there will be no temperature effects on a player himself (furnace, oven, bloomery temperature rates are not counted ^) )


Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Guest » 13 Feb 2012, 12:30

176.) How are you going to name the Alchemy skill? (e.g. Phlogiston or further back like old wives tales?)
Alchemy sounds good - i see no reasons for using other names
177.) How is the Alchemy skill going to be organized (e.g. you gather ingredients and make, or will it be more complex?)
Don't want to disclose ATM, but it should be interesting and not that standart as in other RPGS or MMOs

Also, i'm interested in Architect Supremacist's questions, or rather the answer's to them.
If you answer it i'll think about returning this deer i 'Rescued' from the king's forest...

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by trashman » 15 Feb 2012, 20:11

178) What will the server borders be like? Will the server edge be land or water
Water. You must have seen the map on our site.

179) How will land be controlled? Ive read what you said about controlling land and that the size of your land is dependent on how many people you have, but is there any other restrictions to claiming land? Also, will I drop some sort of marker and the controlled land will be AxB tiles with the marker in the center? Please explain

You can have a personal claim, which you can place on any part of land that is not owned by any country (you will be able to select cells you wish to claim but they all must be adjacent) and you can place a country claim (if you're a leader of that country) which will take some territory on a radius based pattern. If some other country placed their claim right next to your border - thay will move your border abit - if you've played Civilization 4 you might remeber cultural borders and the way they expand and contest territory around cities. So in our case level of central monument will affect "power" of border expansion of your country so you might want to invest alot of resources and workforce into that monument.

180) You said "You can't make someone to unacquire his territory, unless you're a leader of country, that have claimed that territory by building city and special building (that cause all territory in some radius to become a territory of that country). In that case you have a right to give or take away personal territory claims to your men."

Does one have to be allies of some sort to establish a country around other territories? The way you make is seem is that one can establish a country and quickly disband all territories that he does not like. Please explain
I have answered partially that question above. So, basicly, personal claims

181) Will creation/crafting skills be broad or more defined? Such as I have an armor smithing, weapon smithing, and blacksmithing skill. Or just one Smithing skill that effects all created items from smithing equally?
There will be Forging and Armor smithing skills. Dunno if that broad or not :)

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by trashman » 17 Feb 2012, 19:39

Sorry for the somewhat redundant question. I just want to be sure on a few things.

182) Does one posses the innate ability to place a personal or any other type of claim? Can you explain the different types of claims and how to go about placing them.
I've explained personal and country claims several times. Really, have no time to do it once more. You will just see it, when it works.

183) Will I loose reputation if I lock pick/destroy someone's house that is not on a claim?
You won't be able to lockpick houses, but ye, assaulting on someones property will cause a lover of your alignment.

184) How can I take over someone's claim or remove it? By means of force that is.
You can't, unless you're a leader of country, that claimed that area.

185) Can you explain what decay will effect and how much?
Things will disappear if they're not used or maintained. How fast that will be will be balanced in game later.

I know this is kinda a hopeful request, but :P
186) Do you think you could post an actual picture of the map and perhaps a list of skills :D
There is a map on our site and we got nothing more accurate at the moment. Skills list is still being reworked constantly, so no - i can't :)

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by trashman » 23 Feb 2012, 00:58

187) Any ideas yet as to where the start town (spawning point) will be located on the map?
Just look on the map closer - there is a town almost in the center of the map.
188) What items will each player spawn with?
I think there will be no items at all. Players will be able to find and use some basic resources (stones, flint, branches, plant fibers) to make themselves some primitive tools which later can be used to craft other things and more advanced tools too.

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by finalreview » 18 Mar 2012, 16:38

189) I've seen you mention that players will not take alignment hits when "murdering" players of realms/kingdoms they are at war with. Will the war dec function work like in DFO with a specific amount of time before the war is turned active and you can kill said players, or will it be instant?
Of course with a timeout. It's a standart not only DFO, but in most PvP games.

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by finalreview » 19 Mar 2012, 01:05

Agh! You replied before I could edit to add a question I just thought to ask, so here it is:

190) Since there will be no regeneration of resources, people will have to fight over control of them as you've said. But will there be any form of protection of these resources like there is for personal structures/items on realm land while not at war, or will players have to physically be online and fight to stop outsiders from taking these precious materials?
Online guard duty of your precious resources is totally boring and not interesting. IF those resources are located on a country claimed land - they are protected against everyone who is not in a state of war with that country.If those resources are just near claimed territory or just somewhere else on map - whoever stronger will be able to exploit them.

EDIT: I got trolled lol. I was so scared for a moment.


Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Guest » 03 Apr 2012, 15:48

Wow.... you somehow made it to the end of that rainbow of an FAQ bobik...


191.) I can understand why there would be no visible customization to equipment during development, but please tell me that you will at least think about doing it post release.... think of the children.
I think that it is a good and interesting feature and we will implement it as soon as main gameplay features will be done and running smooth

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Eskaldar » 20 May 2012, 15:18

192) What kind of animals can be found in your LIF world? I would like to hear the number of animals, so what would be a couple of their names. Заранее THX, Бобик !

Few types of horses
Wild horse
Deer (male)
Hind (female)
Sow (female boar)
Aurochs bull
Aurochs cow

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Eskaldar » 21 May 2012, 14:30

193) Will there be damage that will require intervention of healers / doctors? Will the appropriate abilities for healing? For example, fractures, sprains, bleeding, temporary blindness. All sorts of diseases that may affect the characteristics of the character, his fighting ability.
I liked this Fallout. There I was once in a melee broke both arms, one leg and knocked the eye :). How long after that, I hobbled to the nearest doctor :)
There will be wounds of different severity and fractures. Amount of effects of those states will be balanced later.

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by finalreview » 05 Jun 2012, 18:33

I was just checking the main page of the website for any updates/news I might of missed you upload, love the new screenshots by the way, and I noticed this PS line at the bottom of the Key Features page I never noticed before.

"P.S. No, there will be no four legged running, since we understand that it will unbalance our game 8)"

This refers to player four legged running and not horseback correct?
It's just a bit of irony, that only some fans of other MMORPG project can understand. Just ignore it. We will have horses and people won't run on 4 legs, neither they will have four legs ^)

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Balariand » 01 Jul 2012, 14:28


I searched the FAQ for it but couldn't find an answer: Is there a plan on how big the map will be? E.g the Minecraft map is almost as big as the real world (so it's almost impossible to completely explore/gather all resources for a single player) but many more players (like here) require a really really big map, otherwise you wont be able to do anything after the game had been running for a year. Does anyone know how big it will be?

EDIT: Damnit! Found the answer: World will be 21,5 * 21,5 kilometers = 462,5

Sorry for that.

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by glenncariaga » 26 Jul 2012, 18:24

194) Maintenance/Decay System in LiF. What's that going to be like? Will there be a way to auto-pilot it, ie it would be tedious to have to click MAINTAIN on EVERYTHING. or will there be some sort of go to spot "X" and hit okay (pay for maintenance) and all the stuff you want to pay for maintenance (from a drop down) is maintained?
Well, first of all we should distinct small objects (crafting devices, furniture, small decorations and such) from bigger construction objects (fences, walls, houses, buildings, fortifications).
Small objects that are placed inside buildings will have almost no decay and will need almost no maintenance.
Small objects that are placed outside buildings will decay really fast and there will be no way to mass repair them.
Bigger objects placed outside claimed territories (either personal or kingdom claimed tiles) will also decay at increased speed and also will have no ways to maintain them en masse.
Bigger objects that are placed inside claimed territories will have rather slow decay rate, but still you will have to repair each object individually and not with gold - you will have to perform repair actions.
tl;dr: There will be no way to reapir everything in one click, but that will only be needed for bigger construction objects and not that often.

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Eskaldar » 19 Aug 2012, 08:25

195) Whether the game adds the ability to write in Cyrillic and other foreign languages?
It is already possible in chat, but we will think to do something, to cease any other languages use in general chat except English. I personaly don't want another "warsong chat" in our game to happen.
196) When will be the official announcement of the game, like it is not there?
Somewhen between closed and open betas.
197) I think, Bobik(bobby - typo :)), you wrote that GMs are not players, then ask the question. GMs invited and paid?
Dunno who is "Bobby" you're refering to... Not decided yet.
198) And finally. Are you going to make an FAQ or announcement of the game in Russian language and/or Russian community?(such as
Will see. Probably yes.
p.s. thx in advance


Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Guest » 25 Aug 2012, 18:05

199) What are the odds of a Law system tied into the bounty hunting world PvP that was discussed in ... =5&id=1645 ?
Eskaldar also opened a thread about 'Execution' that ties in quite closely with this, whats your opinion?
To be decided later. My occasional thoughts are revealed in that topic :)

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Bergheer » 27 Aug 2012, 09:22

200) will there be different kind of horses; so we can ride heavy and strong, but slow horses, light and fast, but weak (they cann't carry mutch weight) horses and horses in between those two. Will there be a special breeding system for those horses?

simple - not a warhorse, will stand on a hind legs and most probably dismount a rider if recieves any damage
simple warhorse - will not stand on a hind legs from damage, basic warhorse
spirited warhorse - fast, but low HP warhorse
hardy warhorse - a bit heavyer and slower, but more HP and stamina
heavy warhorse - armored warhorse (take a look on concept section on our website for renders) - most HP, most weight, slowest

About breeding system - to be fully decided later. But in current state: only simple horses can be bred, Q of 2 horses with some random amount affect on Q of resulting horse. Simple horses can be trained to become a warhorse, and during that train random sufix may appear on a warhorse (spirited, hardy, heavy). Heavy horses should be equipped with a horse armor (comming from armorsmith).

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by finalreview » 02 Sep 2012, 08:55

201) How will aiming polearms work on horseback, will it be free full motion? Also what about other melee weapons.
Typical polearms (halberd, glaive, guisarm etc.) might won't work on horseback for balance sake, but spear-like polearms (lances, pikes, spears) will work, and ye we will do our best to make it free aiming. and aiming system will be as much free as possible as for polearms and for other 1h weapons.

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by finalreview » 02 Oct 2012, 09:33

Will there be any form of in game graphical communication? Such as LoL / Dota 2 drawing on the minimap? I'd love to be able to at least ping my map for the guys I'm fighting with.
Most certainly not. And there will be no minamap or radar either. Only one large scale global map, without pings and such.

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Interactive FAQ

Post by Imperius » 28 Nov 2012, 18:28

202: What kind of mounts will we be able to ride? Will i be able to ride a Elk?
No Elks, deers, boars or bears as a mount! Only different types of horses, including armored heavy horses. You can take a look at them at the bottom of our Concept art page

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Interactive FAQ

Post by wesd » 29 Nov 2012, 05:13

203. As far as crafting armor and weapons go; will each item be able to be crafted out of each type of metal? Or will we need a combination of different metals to create different types of armor?
You'll be able to combine different metals/alloys in your armor and that all will affect armor quality. Some crafting recipes will demand a certain metal/alloy for them.
204. Will the ore that we have mined have to be refined?
You will have to smelt your refined ore in a furnace, bloomery or forge.
205. Can you please elaborate on the metal vein system of mining?
It is simple - you dig your tunnel, and when you see one of newly created tunnel block walls shows metal scraps - that means that you have hit an ore vein. You can use Prospecting skill to determine how close/far are you to a certain type of ore, so you can plan your tunnel digging operations better.

Thanks. np

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Interactive FAQ

Post by Morcahai » 29 Nov 2012, 21:01

206. Could you explain the PvP rules in general?
Like, can anyone be attacked anywhere? Are there safe zones, or other rules to prevent peaceful players getting killed while minding their own business?
I am not much into PvP and I would like to play the game peacefully constructing buildings, tunnels and developing the world. Should I be worried about getting killed/raided alot while not being a warmonger?
tl;dr You should.
Why? Because life is feudal :) But that doesn't mean that killing will occur non stop and there will be no ways to prevent it. Aspects that will lower random PK odds:
1. Alignment - those who kill innocents will recieve a huge alignment hit and negative alignment means a huge loss of skills if he die and longe respawn timer (waaay longer)
2. Safe zone around central NPC city or special buildings in your player city that will provide similar safe zone will provide you much combat advantage incase you got jumped on.
3. As it is usual in such games - joining a strong player driven kingdom will ensure that noone will want to mess with you (or they will mess first then cry about zerg after :) ).
So, as i've said - you should be warried about getting killed/raided, but if you're good - you will be able to lower these odds.

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Interactive FAQ

Post by CRUNCHy » 23 Feb 2013, 18:50

208) Am I dreaming
No idea :)
209) Is this vapor ware?

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Interactive FAQ

Post by larsiam » 24 Feb 2013, 18:33

210) Bobkik you mention about a player with negative aliment will lose skills when he dies? i will most likely be negative all the time this worries be because what if 50 players "Bindcamp" me at my bed? then they can reduce my character back down to nothing? how will you prevent this from happening.
Ask your friends to mop up area around your rez point, do not rez and wait when they will grow tired of camping, do not go that much negative. And do remeber golden UO rule: Reskill is not a harassment - it's a stupidity of a victim ;)

211) Is Skill lose set in stone?
Pretty much yes. But we will provide numerous ways to lower or negate that loss through high aligment, blessings and other ways.

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Interactive FAQ

Post by CRUNCHy » 15 Mar 2013, 15:34

Sorry if this's been answered, but I'm going to have to ask it again. This is a very carebear question from me, and normally wouldn't care about such thing (and I don't care whether the answer is yes or no, but just a question/possible suggestion to add)
212) Will there be tabards/etc, capes, customizable symbols etc? If I conquer someones keep can I place my logo around it etc.. Can I design a logo for myself/clan?
Yes, we plan such functionality, but maybe closer to release or shortly after release.

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Interactive FAQ

Post by Lofi » 14 Apr 2013, 01:11

In many threads I've read a lot people make assumptions about features in standard MMO's will be retained in this game. As I would like to avoid that mistake I seek clarification on a few points, so that I don't argue against their inclusion if this wasn't intended to begin with.

213) Will there be "floaty texts", telling you exactly who people are before you're even introduced?
Not exactly sure what are you talking about, but yes - there will be Name-Surname, Title, Guildname floating above player models with different color markups depending on their political state with you guild or their alignment.

214) Will "Kingdom" taxes/tributes be automated? (Not having it so would require player organisation, interaction and give more than a few occasions for leaders to come down on their sub-ordinates.)
They will be automated, at least we will try to do our best to implement that.

215) Will players be able to "flag" other players?
I'm afraid there will be no personal standings system in close time, but it is certainly a good feature and will be implemented someday later.
Duke Lofi Vemundson, <lots of flashy RP titles>
Kingdom of Dunbar (Epleland)

(click banner for Kingdom Discord)

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Interactive FAQ

Post by trashman » 14 May 2013, 18:13

216) You have mentioned that upon death, the respawn timer will be longer for someone with low alignment. Can you give me an estimate on how long a person with full alignment and a person with half alignment will take to re pawn?
Respawn times won't change that much or maybe even won't change at all - it is not FPS multiplayer, when every second counts. Negative alignment characters will suffer a greater skill losses and maybe longer ressurection sickness.

217) When it comes to collecting resources you said you will implement a min-game option. Will there be an incentive to collect resources the traditional method(in-game)?
I think you misunderstood minigames conception a bit :)
1. Minigames are designed not only for resource gathering, but for some crafts too
2. Minigames can be skipped by either choosing an autocraft option or pulling a minigame result from your results pool
3. No matter if you are playing a minigame or not - you will collect resources and perform actions in-game, not from some browser or something like that.

218) It was stated that if a realm is established on a particular resource, this resource is off limits to anyone not allied in some sort to the lord of the realm unless another order or realm is at war with this realm. My understanding is that I, a lord of another realm, can declare war on a realm and when war is officially declared after a certain time, I am able to go onto the enemies land and harvest this resource unlimited as long as the war is ongoing?
Yes, ofc, and that is called raiding :) Political/war systems are not in their finals, but we will surely make it so, that declaring a war would be possible only when you have something to put at stake, so your raiding can be punished by returned raiding, or assets destruction or even sieging of your city.

219) During a state of war with another realm I am allowed to attack any part of their claimed land and attack any member of the realm without alignment loss? And can I take control of a city or realm while at war or is that only during a siege?
Yes, you can attack assets and players of another country you are at war with without any alignment penalties. One detail must be taken in a note: there will be a city/castle territory and "suburb" territory. When you place a claming monument it will claim a part of territory around it - that will be city/castle territory. Futher upgrade of that monument will claim more lands around it, but that will be "suburb" territory - city territory will remain as it is.
So, when your country in a state of war - it's "suburb" lands can be easily raided, assets destroyed and so on. But City/castle territory will still be immune to any damage. That invulnerability is removed during siege phases - which is another story ;)

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by PapaStinger » 21 Jul 2013, 21:25

220) Is there going to be a shipwright skill or similar feature constructing ships from the ground up?

221) How many different types of ships are planned for release?

222) Will there be naval combat?

223) Will you be able to move quantities of produce ie rare resources or finished produce in larger ships?

Ships, shipbuilding, naval combat are planned as features of first post release patches/expansions. And yes, everything mentioned above will be possible.

224) Will there be carts or wagons and will you be able to use carts or wagons to move resources about?

Yes. You will be able to use Wheelbarrow, Cart, Trader cart to carry large amount of goods. Also, you will be able to use your back to move different ingame objects (furniture, tree logs etc.) 

225) Will there be a maintenance fee players must pay to keep their claimed land?
Yes. Details will be provided later.

226) How will building structures like houses or keeps work? Will we just build pre-designed buildings or can we (based off of skills) build the foundation, then the walls, then add stories for height and finally the roof?

Right now you can build pre-designed buildings and use pre-designed wall sections/towers/gatehouses to build your own castle perimeter. We plan to implement per wall house construction later.

227) Will there be a fast way to knock down walls or structures on and off claimed land like using a large Maul? (This question is referring to tools or weapons outside of siege weapons ie. "I don't like that wall there I want to knock it down and rebuild it")
Structures off claimed land will decay realtevely fast and will recieve increased damaged, so tearing them down should not be a great problem. For structures on YOUR claimed land - we will make some kind of tool to instadestroy them.

228) Is there a bonus to the amount of damage a player can deliver to items they wish to destroy or remove on claimed land as opposed to off claimed land?
mentioned above

229) Can untamed animals become untamed again?
Yes, after server restart. You'd better place them into barn or stable.

230) If I mine above another mining tunnel or below another mine tunnel, will this form a drop shaft as in Wurmonline?
No No No :) Our terraforming engine is 100% 3-dimensional and you can create almost any combinations of tunnels, big and small rooms and so on.

231) What will determine the amount of crops obtained from farming a single tile?
Quality of soil these crops are growing on

232) Can you build a bridge?
Nope, not after release, but we will surely make it later. Right now we're implementing Pier that can be built per square, but unless we have working ships - those piers are purely decorative and ships won't be able to pass them.

233) Any updates on the type of payment method your looking at using once released given today's more popular options?
To be announced later :) Probably b2p with small vanity shop, but that's not final decision

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Re: Interactive FAQ

Post by Vansar » 12 Aug 2013, 18:43

234. What will happen if someone dig tunnel and cross someone else's tunnel. Will both tunnels merge, or is there some mechanic that prevents that. I'm curious mostly because it would be really easy to make tunnels for opposing army using mining shafts etc.

They will merge. There will be no such things like "my tunnel" or "his tunnel". Tunnel is a tunnel and there will be no limitations on working with them. Another part of story, that entrance to one tunnel maybe on someone's claimed land (private or realm - does not matter) so only owner of that land will be able to enter and leave that tunnel freely ... until "someone dig tunnel and cross someone else's tunnel"
Only surface of land and buildings on it will be protected by divine law of private property rights, everything below - is a domain of the Devil :evil: ;)

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Re: Interactive FAQ

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A few questions, because I need further clarification even after I read this topic which is filled with gold.

235. In regards to units/formations - are you allowing different ``classes`` to join all in one formation? An example would be 2 cavalrymen, 3 archers and 2 footmen in one formation, which overall makes no sense because the cavalry is faster and I'd imagine needs to get to top speed before engaging as it will improve the damage done by a lot.

At the other hand, will there be improved bonuses if an unit is pure, as in consists only of one troop?

There are no classes or types of troops in our game. Only characters that wields certain weapons at the present moment and posses a certain skill set. So we are not going to make any artificial limitations, and if players want to have a mixed unit - they're free to do that. But i agree with your opinion, that will make no sense at all.

236. I know you said that the details are to be anounced later about the holdings or otherwise your land, and the game as you said will most probably be b2p. I assume the amount of currency paid for your demesne will be higher the bigger it is. How hard will it be for single player / small group to actually be able to have it's own land in terms of expenses?
b2p have nothing to do with land claims upkeep. Upkeep will be paid with ingame currency/goods and will have nothing to do with real life $$. As about amount of that upkeep - we plan to make it dynamical, depending on amount of non-occupied land that is left in the rest of the world.

The reason I'm asking is if we compare this system to wurm's, there was no real way to be able to pay for your holding other then by buying additional silver from the shop. Which isn't a big problem for me but it might be a problem for some players.

237. How bent are you on Not having lockpicking/thievery in? Because let's face it, being able to lockpick into someone's holding and take his shinies sounds quite epic :Yahoo!: . At the same time it would give locksmiths an actual presence.

The thievery itself could be countered by having an integral ``bank`` of your hold/demesne of limited capacity. Which means your most prized possessions could still be unobtainable but things like resources, tools, weapons, armors - in my opinion - should be free game.
I absolutely agree with you about amount of fun you will get from lockpicking and stealing someone possesions. But on the other hand - that will just force everyone to store their belongings in a safe place and there will be nothing much to pick. Also we would like to reduce to minimum amount of PvP, where one of the sides of that PvP is not online and can not counter you in any way. That statement goes both to lockpicking and to PvA (player vs assests) destruction and so on. We will do our best to avoid that senseless gameplay moments.

238. When it comes to mass pvp and overall conflicts we have 2 modes - the battle and the siege. Is there a way to fight a fight of attrition?

By that I mean that we obviously can't normally terraform on enemy lands, but if in a state of war are we allowed to destroy walls/ buildings, loot pillage and rape the livestock if we chose to?

And I don't mean in any locked battle or siege, I mean literally get my guys, gear up, drag a catapult and destroy the enemy's holding.
You're an offline warrior i see :D ;) But yes, you will be able to do that, but we might bring out some boards discussion about bringing protection time periods, so some guild assets will be protected from offline raids during some period (e.g. at night or early morning)

239. Will you consider having the option to build entire underground cities at the release? It's something I'd be interested in personally.
We don't think we will allow unmovable objects construction underground, but if a maze of different sized rooms with furniture, and some crafting equipment (dwarf fortress style) counts as "undeground city", then you will be able to do it.

240. I understand that the main source of food will be meat and crops, with a possibility of fruits and veggies I'd imagine. Is it possible to have a dish made of mushrooms?

And will we have the possibilty of cultivating mushrooms - the good and the poisonus alike?
There are some cooking recipes with mushrooms :) But sorry, you can only find mushrooms in forests and can't cultivate them yourself yet :)

More questions to come, off to work! :) Have a good day!

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